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Meeting Ayaka face-to-face automatically starts the story quest A Flower Blooms in a Prison in Genshin Impact. After fulfilling Ayaka's previous three wishes, which involve learning the stories of three sightless townspeople, travelers will be asked to rescue someone from the Inazuma City Detention Center.

Enter the Police Detention Center by going around the back of the building, where a golden domain light shines. The recommended items for this area are Pyro and Cryo, so plan your party accordingly.

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Once inside, take your time to explore each room. The Police Detention Center is a fairly simple area, which means there are no tricky puzzles or mechanics, but you will need to watch out for two small traps:

  • Corridor with two screens: Move forward and destroy the screens on your way with long-range attacks, such as a bow. There are two round mechanisms to the right that will produce electrical currents as you pass, so you'll need to get past them before you get hit.
  • Glowing Panel Flooring: Avoid pulsating panels as they will deplete your health. When the floor panels “cool down”, pass them quickly.

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Paimon will note the presence of a large door, which requires three magatama symbols to unlock. You'll find each of these symbols as you naturally progress through the realm, and they'll float around you after being picked up. As far as we know, there is no time limit for how long magatamas stay with you.

There's no boss fight beyond the giant door, but you'll meet an interesting new character...

Completing a flower bloom in a prison will reward you with two achievements: "Jailhouse Fiesta" (5 Primogems) and "The Immutable God and Eternal Euthymia" (10 Primogems).

This is the last quest in Chapter II: Act I – The Immobile God and Eternal Euthymia, so you can move on to the next act afterwards, as long as you complete the story quests first. 'Ayaka and Yoimiya, that is.

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