All actions for the angler in Final Fantasy XIV's Endwalker update

Final Fantasy XIV's Endwalker update changes every task in the game. These changes also apply to combat classes as well as crafting and gathering tasks. The fisherman is one of the tasks to be refined in the 6.0 update, so players will have to learn how to fight fish with new tactics.

Each of the new actions for the fisher job in Endwalker are listed below, including a description for each.

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action Level Description
Thaliak's Favor 15 Restores 150 GP
Angler Art Cost: 3
Makeshift bait 48 Allows execution of Mooch even with medium sized fish.
Duration: 145 seconds
Angler Art Cost: 5
Action has no effect on fish caught before execution
Vital sight 64 Sharpens your vision, making fish easier to target.
Angler Art Cost: 2
The effect ends when you finish spearfishing at your current location.
Baited Breath 75 Holds your breath and reduces suspicion of nearby fish.
Cannot be executed when distrust exceeds a certain threshold.
price taking 81 Guarantees that the next fish caught will be a large fish.
The effect ends after hooking a fish. Cancels the current mooching opportunity.
Electric power 85 Electrifies the water and captures any fish in your line of sight.
Distrust of other fish nearby increases the number of fish caught.
Requires a capture counter of 10 to run. Can only be performed once per spearfishing attempt.
Triple hook 90 Catch three or more fish in one cast. The yield is determined by the type of fish and your harvest rating. Some fish cannot be hooked three times.

Information via Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone

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