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Hitboxes in Apex Legends are a major point of interest for many players, and a bit of a headache for Respawn Entertainment, when it comes to game balance and which Legends are favored over others. Respawn is constantly tweaking character hitboxes to maintain game balance, but like many things in a living game, these hitboxes are a work in progress.

Some characters, like Gibraltar and Caustic, are bigger than others, with larger hitboxes, and receive the Fortified perk which reduces the amount of damage they take. Other smaller legends like Wraith had the low profile perk which caused them to take more damage, but that was removed completely for balance reasons. Instead, Respawn has changed its hitbox, along with those of Lifeline and, most recently, Wattson.

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Hitbox information is not known to the general public, although on occasion Respawn will post a comparison image like the one above in a patch's patch notes. Some Apex Legends and extrapolated data miners are extrapolating what information they can, but there isn't a lot of up-to-date information on all Season 11: Escape character hitboxes. For example, there is almost no information on the hitbox of the latest Legend, Ashe.

There is a plethora of older information available online, but for now all the concrete information players need to do without is that Gibraltar and Caustic are great and have the Fortified perk, but the rest of the legends are not. not and are not.

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