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As a tactical FPS game that requires players to properly handle hostile situations, players must choose their gear wisely in Ready or Not. Sometimes you'll need better maneuverability or specific tools to complete a mission, so it's important to know what equipment you have at your disposal and what it does.

Wearable equipment

Armor and headgear are your main forms of defense in hostile situations. You will need to use everything listed below at some point to protect yourself from various conditions.


  • Light Armor: Provides protection against most small arms stirrups and provides front and rear upper body protection. It has the greatest maneuverability of all armors.
  • Heavy Armor: Provides protection against small and heavy stirrups and protects the entire front and rear torso, as well as some of the arms and legs. The design results in less maneuverability and slows down the person wearing it.


  • Night Vision Goggles: Allows the wearer to see better in low light conditions and to see IR (infrared) markers and lasers.
  • CBRN Riot Gas Mask: Protects the wearer's lungs by filtering the air to remove irritants and chemicals.
  • Anti-flash goggles: protect the user from flashes of light, such as those from flash grenades.
  • Ballistic Face Mask: Protects the face from small arms calipers and non-lethal ammunition like beanbags.

That's all the portable gear in the game so far! This is an Early Access game, so don't be surprised if they add more gear in future updates.

Be sure to check out our Ready or Not homepage to see all the latest news, guides, and content for the game!

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