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Beat Saber is one of the best VR games you can play right now. Many people buy the system just to play Beat Saber. As of October 2021, it has a tracklist that looks pretty decent (since it was released a few years ago).

Every music pack released so far has been compiled here with each of its author's credits. You can purchase individual music packs separately. However, not all songs are free. Every owner of a copy of Beat Saber has access to the Original Soundtrack, which is absolutely fantastic. The same goes for Extra tracks.

All Beat Saber Songs

Soundtrack Vol. 1 music pack

  • $100 Bills by Jaroslav Beck
  • Pumping the Balearics by Jaroslav Beck
  • Breezer by Jaroslav Beck
  • Beat Saber by Jaroslav Beck
  • Commercial pumping by Jaroslav Beck
  • Country Rounds (Sqeepo Remix) de Jaroslav Beck, Kings & Folk, Sqeepo
  • Escape (feat. Summer Haze) de Jaroslav Beck, Summer Haze
  • Legend (feat. Backchat) de Jaroslav Beck, Crispin, Backchat
  • Lvl Insane par Jaroslav Beck
  • Turn Me On (feat. Tiny C) de Jaroslav Beck, Tiny C

Soundtrack Vol. 2 music packs

  • Unlimited Power by Jaroslav Beck
  • Rum n' Bass by Boom Kitty
  • Be there for you by Sedliv
  • Elixia by Mord Fustang
  • I need you by Megaphonix

Soundtrack Vol. Pack of 3 musics

  • Origins of Jaroslav Beck
  • Reason for living by Morgan Page
  • Give A Little Love par Pegboard Nerds
  • Immortal by Slippy
  • Full charge by Pixl
  • Boom Kitty's Burning Sands

Soundtrack Vol. Pack of 4 musics

  • In the dream of Jaroslav Beck
  • Spin Eternally par Camellia
  • It Takes Me From Boom Kitty, Waylon Reavis
  • LUDICROUS+ de Jaroslav Beck

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Additional Music Pack

  • Angel Voice by Virtual Self
  • One Hope (feat. David Binney) de KNOWER, David Binney
  • POP/STARS par K/DA
  • Crab Rave by Noisestorm
  • FitBeat by Jaroslav Beck

Camellia Music Pack

  • Cycle Hit de KASAI HARCORES
  • Crystallized by Camellia
  • WHAT THE CAT?! by Camellia
  • EXiT this terrestrial atmosphere by Camellia
  • FANTME by Camélia
  • Light It Up by Camellia

Monstercat Vol. 1 music pack

  • Boundless par Aero Chord
  • VIP Emoji by Pegboard Nerds
  • EPIC by Tokyo Machine
  • Feel Stronger by Muzz, Charlotte Colley
  • Overkill par RIOT
  • Rattlesnake by Snape
  • Stronger (feat. Emel) by Stonebank, EMEL
  • This time by Kayzo
  • Until it's over by Tristam
  • We Won’t Be Alone (feat. Laura Brehm) de Feint, Laura Brehm

Imagine Dragons Music Pack

  • Bad Liar by Imagine Dragons
  • Believer by Imagine Dragons
  • Digital by Imagine Dragons
  • It's Time by Imagine Dragons
  • Machine by Imagine Dragons
  • Natural by Imagine Dragons
  • Radioactive by Imagine Dragons
  • Thunder by Imagine Dragons
  • Warriors by Imagine Dragons
  • All You Need by Imagine Dragons

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Panic! to the Disco Music Pack

  • The Emperor's new clothes out of panic! At the disco
  • The biggest panic show! At the disco
  • High hopes out of panic! At the disco
  • Victorious by panic! At the disco

Monstercat X Rocket League Music Pack

  • Glide by Stephen Walking
  • LUV U NEED U by Slushii
  • PLAY by Tokyo Machine
  • ROCK IT par Tokyo Machine
  • Shiawase by Dion Timmer
  • Test Me by Slushii, Dion Timmer

Green Day Music Pack

  • American Idiot by Green Day
  • Boulevard of Shattered Dreams by Green Day
  • Father of all… by Green Day
  • Holidays by Green Day
  • Fire, Ready, Aim by Green Day
  • Minority by Green Day

Timbaland Music Pack

  • Dumb Thingz par Kaydence, Timbaland
  • Famous by Bruno Martini, Timbaland, Jake Davis
  • Has Meaning by sid tipton, timbaland
  • What I like about Karra, Nash Overstreet, Common Strangers
  • While We're Young by Waveswavesz

Linkin Park Music Pack

  • Bleed it by Linkin Park
  • Breaking the Habit by Linkin Park
  • Low by Linkin Park
  • Abandoned by Linkin Park
  • At the end by Linkin Park
  • New division by Linkin Park
  • Numb par Linkin Park
  • One step closer by Linkin Park
  • Paper cut by Linkin Park
  • Somewhere I Belong by Linkin Park
  • What I Did by Linkin Park

BTS music pack

  • Blood Sweat and Tears by BTS
  • Boy With Luv (feat. Halsey) par BTS
  • Burning Up (FIRE) par BTS
  • Dionysus by BTS
  • DNA by BTS
  • DOPE by BTS
  • Dynamite by BTS
  • IDOL by BTS
  • MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix) par BTS
  • Not today by BTS
  • UGH! by BTS

Interscope Mixtape Music Pack

  • Listening to the Stars by OneRepublic
  • DNA. par Kendrick Lamar
  • Don’t Cha par les Pussycat Dolls
  • Hymne Rock Party par LMFAO, Lauren Bennett, GoonRock
  • Rollin' (air raid vehicle) by Limp Bizkit
  • Maroon Sugar 5
  • The Sweet Escape (feat. Akon) de Gwen Stefani, Akon

Skrilles Music Pack

  • Bangarang (feat. Sirah) by Skrillex, Sirah
  • Butterflies by Skrillex, Starrah, Four Tet
  • Don't Go There by Skrillex, Justin Bieber, Don Toliver
  • Devil's Den by Skrillex, Wolfgang Gartner
  • Bomb Ragga by Skrillex, Ragga Twins
  • First of the Year (Equinox) by Skrillex
  • Rock 'n' Roll (will take you to the mountain) by Skrillex
  • Scary monsters and beautiful sprites by Skrillex

Billie Eilish Music Pack

  • all the good girls go to hell by billie eilish
  • villain by Billie Eilish
  • you should see me in a crown by Billie Eilish
  • Bury a Friend by Billie Eilish
  • stomach ache by Billie Eilish
  • Happier Than Ever by Billie Eilish
  • I Didn't Change My Number by Billie Eilish
  • NES by Billie Eilish
  • Oxytocin by Billie Eilish
  • So I Am by Billie Eilish

Some of my favorite songs to play are, of course, most of the Imagine Dragons songs, as well as the harder sounding Skrillex songs. I also really like the soundtrack composed by Jaroslav Beck. The fact that expansions are still coming is awesome, and I can't wait to see what else we can play and master in Beat Saber in the future.

If you are a Beat Saber fan, I recommend you try the songs listed above. You'll also discover new songs that you might not have known about, so it's worth the time and money.

For more Beat Saber articles and lists, be sure to check out How to Get Custom Beat Saber Songs or Linkin Park Beat Saber Music Pack Price & Songs List.

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