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Hot Wheels Unleashed is an arcade-style racing game based on the popular toy franchise of the same name. Developer Milestone has included several popular branded cars like the Boneshaker & Nightshifter from the Hot Wheels universe among several real vehicles like the Ford Mustang GT and the Audi R8. The game also features a few cars like the Batmobile as a pop culture reference.

So, for all the enthusiastic racing game lovers, here is the list of all cars available in Hot Wheels Unleashed.

Original Hot Wheels

  • 24 Ours
  • bad at the blade
  • bone shaker
  • arrow car
  • move around
  • Buns of steel
  • Dragon blaster
  • Exotic
  • fast gassin
  • Formula Flashback
  • GT Scorcher
  • Top material
  • Mauler of the Jungle
  • Motosaurus
  • Mauler of the mountains
  • Night shifter
  • In vacations
  • power rocket
  • 02 RD
  • tear rod
  • rocket fire
  • Rodger dodger
  • Roller toaster
  • sandivore
  • shark cruiser
  • Skull Crusher
  • strong muscle
  • Vine
  • Street Viennese
  • Supercharged
  • Surf 'N Turf
  • Tanknator
  • Time Attaxi
  • Total elimination
  • track sleeve
  • Tricera-Truck
  • Tur-Bone Charged
  • twin mill
  • Fast run
  • Winning formula

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real makers

  • R8 Audi Spyder
  • Audi Sport Quattro
  • Chevrolet
  • Camaro Cup
  • Le chemin
  • Dodge charger daytona
  • ram 1500 rebel
  • FIAT 500
  • Ford 32
  • Ford truck
  • F
  • Humvee
  • Honda S2000
  • Koenigsegg Jesko
  • Mini Cooper S Challenge


  • Back to the Future Time Machine
  • Batmobile – Batman
  • KITT-Chevalier Cavalier
  • Snoopy-Peanuts
  • Party Wagon-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Along with this wide range of luxury vehicles, developer Milestone has promised to add several more exciting cars in the near future.

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