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In Secret Lab free horror game, your objective is to take control of the SCP Foundation facilities. The multiplayer game, developed by Northwood Studios, allows you to play both sides, the anomalies and the site staff. This article lists all playable characters in SCP: Secret Laboratory, both Classes and SCP.


  • Plague Doctor: SCP-049
    • Object Class – Euclid
    • Kill players instantly and turn them into SCP-049-2.
  • The Cured: SCP-049-2
    • Object Class – Unknown
    • Attack and kill players instantly.
  • Former AI: SCP-079
    • Object Class – Euclid
    • Access most facility monitoring systems and equipment.
  • The Shy: SCP-096
    • Caused when humans look you in the face.
  • The Old Man: SCP-106
    • Object Class – Keter
    • Teleport, go through doors and kill on contact.
  • The Sculpture: SCP-173
    • Object Class – Euclid
    • Move quickly when unguarded by humans and kill them instantly once you get close.
  • With multiple voices: SCP-939
    • Object Class – Keter
    • Imitate human voices to trick and trick your prey.

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  • Chaos Insurgency
    • Objective - "Purge the facility of Foundation personnel and seize assets deemed to serve the best interests of Delta Command, your elusive overseers." »
  • Class D personnel
    • Objective - "Escape your bounds and rebel against your prisoners - by any means necessary." »
  • Guard of facilities
    • Objective - "Evacuate scientists, eliminate D-class personnel, re-contain escaped SCPs, and most importantly do whatever it takes to restore normality to your site." »
  • Mobile Task Force Epsilon-11 "Nine-Tailed Fox"
    • Objective - "Extract valuable Foundation personnel and, with the utmost vehemence, eliminate or re-contain all escaped SCPs." »
  • Scientist
    • Purpose - "You must ensure your own survival until an MTF extracts you from the ensuing pandemonium." Use your wits – and your access cards – to survive. »
  • Spectator
    • Objective – “You will respawn soon. In the meantime, take the opportunity to watch everything happen. » Look at everything through the player's point of view. »

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