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Teamfight Tactics, the auto-fighting game from Riot Games, pits famous champions from the popular League of Legends franchise against each other. Each of these champions has their own class, with some even taking on multiple roles. What are the classes in Teamfight Tactics?

There are 13 classes in Teamfight Tactics, each with their bonuses and champions, which we've listed below:

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  • arcanist
    • Arcanists increase the ability power of teammates.
      • Luxury
      • Malzahar
      • Amante
      • twisted fate
      • vex
      • Victor
      • ziggs
  • Assassin
    • Assassin abilities can critically hit and have higher critical hit chance and damage
      • Akali
      • Echo
      • Katarina
      • shaco
      • Heel
      • Trading
  • Bodyguard
    • Bodyguards wield increased armor and shields. They also taunt enemies, forcing them to attack bodyguards
      • Blitzcrank
      • Brew
      • Darius
      • Gallium
      • Leona
      • Poppy, or in French "Coquelicot"
  • Slugger
    • The Bruiser grants his teammates a maximum health bonus.
      • Chogath
      • Dr. World
      • Illaoi
      • soot kench
      • pull-out
      • Us
      • Zac
  • Challenger
    • Challengers get bonus attack speed when they score takedowns. They rush to new targets and double the bonus for 2,5 seconds.
      • Camille
      • Fiora
      • Kaisa
      • Quinn
      • Samira
      • Warwick
      • I ne
  • Colossus
    • Colossus is immune to crowd control effects, but requires two team slots to activate.
  • Enchanting
    • Enchanters give their team greater magic resistance, and this class gains additional healing and shield.
  • Innovator
    • These units create mechanical companions who join the battle.
      • Ezréal
      • Heimerdinger
      • Jayce
      • Seraphine
      • Sung
      • ziléen
  • Protective
    • Protectors will protect themselves for six seconds following any ability they use.
      • Blitzcrank
      • We are
      • Kassadine
      • Sion
  • Learned
    • Fellows grant Mana to their team every two seconds.
      • Heimerdinger
      • Janna
      • Lisandra
      • yummi
      • Office
  • Sniper
    • Snipers have +1 attack range and deal additional damage for each additional hex between them and their targets.
      • Caitlyn
      • Jhin
      • KogMaw
      • Miss Fortune
      • Tristana
  • Transformer
    • Transformers take on a melee form when in the front two rows, but take on a ranged form if placed in the back two rows.
  • Double hit
    • Twinshots get bonus attack damage and a chance to attack twice instead of once.
      • Landing gangway
      • Fallen down
      • Jinx
      • KogMaw
      • Urgot

For more on the classes in the game, including a breakdown of the class bonuses, head over to the official Teamfight Tactics Class page, as our class list is courtesy of their page.

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