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Darkest Dungeon 2 is the sequel to the famous Darkest Dungeon, released in 2016. It shares many similarities with its predecessor, but brings some changes and additions. This can be seen throughout the game as well as some familiar things. The characters available in Darkest Dungeon 2 fall into these two categories.

In total, there are nine characters to choose from in the early access version. Of these nine, players only have four to choose from. Before starting a race, players must select four characters to place on their team and where they will go. You can see all nine Darkest Dungeon characters below.

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rank Unlocked at startup best post
grave robber Yes All
man-at-arms Yes Devant
Run away No Devant
Hellion No Devant
Highwayman Yes All
Occultist No Back
Leper No Devant
plague doctor Yes Back
Jester No All

Of the nine characters, only the Runaway is a newcomer. Red Hook Games intends to add more new characters as the game progresses through Early Access. Once you have all the characters available, it's good to create a mix of attack, defense and support. Also, while some characters do well in any position, try to keep your backline support and frontline defense.

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