All Dragon Quest XI Characters

In a great RPG like Dragon Quest XI, there are tons of playable characters that you'll acquire as you journey through the world. At different times in your quest you will need to have certain party members, while at other times you are free to choose who you want to have in your party!

All Dragon Quest XI Characters

There are eight playable characters you can add to your party in Dragon Quest XI, and each has a different vibrant personality you'll either love or hate! Most characters have a certain type of build you should be aiming for, but to be honest, play the game however you want and you'll be an absolute blast!

So here are all the playable characters in Dragon Quest XI!

The light

The main hero doesn't have a proper name, because he can be anything you want to name him, because you are the main protagonist! It's pretty rare in RPGs these days because everyone has a voice actor. Although more often than not in the world of Dragon Quest XI you will be referred to as the Luminary.

You were born in a small village called Cobblestone. When you were born, a mysterious mark was on your left hand; it was the mark of the Luminaire. From the day you entered this world, you were destined to be the hero who will save the world.


Erik is a blue haired thief you meet not far from your journey when you are both trapped in the Heliodors dungeon, as the luminary has been declared Darkspawn. The person to bring about the end of the world, if not destroyed! Fortunately, Erik is resourceful, and you both escape, and he decided to join you on your journey! Despite his flaws, he is loyal to a fault and is very compassionate.


Every RPG needs a powerful mage, and that's Veronica. Don't let her looks fool you, even though she's been robbed of all her years and now looks like a little kid. She's very tomboyish and hates being treated the way she looks, which you can't blame her for! Veronica has a fiery demeanor and will stand up to anyone, friend or big bad demon!


Every room has an opposite side and Serena is completely different from her sister Veronica. Serena is extremely kind, generous and reliable. She is the level-headed sister, trying to keep Veronica calm at all times.

She is incredibly good at healing magic and uses the lyre in the most beautiful way. However, due to her personality, it's often that Serena gets Veronica in trouble, not the other way around. Of course, it works both ways!


Ah, Sylvando, the life and soul of the party! He's an overly flamboyant artist with such a carefree lifestyle; however, he also has a strong sense of justice, so his personality can shift into a serious mode in an instant. Even with such strong roots in chivalry and justice, his dream is to make everyone around the world smile, and until he does, his goal will never be complete.


Jade, the party monk. It's strange to see from an outside perspective that a lady with such dignified demeanor and elegance ever defeat the living snot of every enemy that gets in her way. She is one of the best damage dealers in the game; she is truly a powerhouse. Jade has traveled the world with Rab since a young age and must achieve a mysterious goal.


If it were based on looks, Rab would be the most innocent old gentleman the world has ever known. But looks can be deceiving, as Rab, like Jade, has fierce martial arts abilities mixed with high-level magic; he really is one hell of a character in Dragon Quest XI. Rab is a man of knowledge; he has seen the world many times, has information and seems to know everyone in any city and port.


This character is spoiler terror, so if you don't want to know anything about this character, read no further.

Hendrik is a Heliodorian knight who has been tasked to kill you by his king. Since the Luminaire is the Darkspawn, it must be eradicated. Due to his loyalty to the crown, he must obey orders, and saving the world is a byproduct of fulfilling his solemn duty to the king.

However, after much of the game's story, Hendrik changed his mind due to these events and joined your party. He then swears to become the sword and shield of the luminaries!

When playing an old school RPG such as Dragon Quest XI, the way to save in these games is different; click on our guide to find out how!

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