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We know Forza Horizon is about cars, don't get me wrong! However, the addition of houses in Forza Horizon 4 continued in the last installment and also allows you to start from your house when you launch the game, such as obtaining certain advantages. So, let's get those casas!

We will include the prices of all the houses as well as where to find them. Some are quite affordable and some are quite expensive, so you might need to get yourself some lucky Wheelspins first!

Pretty house

It's your first house in the game, and it's free! It gets you set up with skill songs on the radio, and it's right above La Selva (The Jungle). It will be hard to miss as the game makes a point of making it your first home base at the festival.

Location: Mulege

No cost

Perk Active: Skill Song Activation


This will likely be the second house you get in your game, though it depends on which festival sites you decide to establish first. It's on the west coast of the map near the Horizon Baja outpost.

Location: Bahía De Plano (White Dunes)

Cost: 150 CR

Active Perk: N/A

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Quiet place

It stands for A Quiet Place (but not like the movie!) It's on the east side of the map and is more expensive than La Cabaña, but nowhere near as expensive as the others on this list! There is a great mural on the property and is in a nice little town.

Location: Playa Azul

Cost: 700 CR

Active Perk: Horizon Promo (Car Photography)

good hope

This beautiful Hispanic villa is towards the south of the map and is also quite affordable. It's close to the Horizon Wilds outpost, so if you choose to establish that first, it can be one of your first homes if money isn't an issue.

Location: Near Ek 'Balam

Cost: 700 CR

Active Perk: N/A

The Manor

This is where houses start to get a bit more expensive. This more stately home is right in the middle of a beautiful scenic area and isn't too far from the Horizon Wilds outpost. It's a bit more of a drive to the other outposts though.

Location: Teotihuacán

Cost: 1 CR

Active Perk: Forzathon Points Boost

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good views

This fantastic mansion is also on the west coast, but below the Dunas Blancas. To unlock it, you must complete the first street scene objective, Guanajuato Expedition. You'll probably want to buy this one for the perk it unlocks!

Location: Near another world

Cost: 2.000.000 CR

Active Perk: Fast travel to any route

Castle Hotel

If you've played Forza Horizon 4, you'll be familiar with the option to purchase Bamburgh Castle. Well, it's the Mexican equivalent! This castle is by far the most expensive property you can buy in the game, but it also comes with a very handy perk!

Location: Near Guanajuato

Cost: 5 CR

Active Perk: Daily Spins

Buying all the properties may take some time, but you will definitely have fun getting there! Looking for more content? Check out all the achievements in Forza Horizon 5.

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