All known Fall Guys errors (and how to fix them)

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We've all come across frustrating connection issues while playing online games and Fall Guys is no stranger to these errors. We've rounded up the most common issues players have found in the game, with potential fixes to ensure you get back to the game just as quickly. as possible.

Fall Guys Trello Board - Check Known Issues

Mediatonic provides visibility into how they are addressing known issues raised by the Fall Guys community. You should always check the Fall Guys Trello board before testing the bug fixes below. Chances are Mediatonic is investigating the issue and working on a solution.

All known Fall Guys errors (and how to fix them)

Check out this list of all known Fall Guys errors that players may encounter in-game, along with potential solutions to these issues.

Unable to join server/populate

If you are unable to join a match and/or do not see the player count filling up, then your server may be full. To fix this issue, you need to change your region server by doing the following:

  • Launch Fall Guys and go to settings
  • Click Options
  • Look for the Server Region option under the Region heading
  • Change this setting from Automatic to a new server that most closely matches your region
  • If this option no longer persists in the future, you should switch back to Automatic, as this setting will best match you with the best region for your location.

    General connection issues

    If you receive one of the errors below, it is likely that you have a disconnection problem:

    • Unable to connect to the game
    • Unable to download or update the game
    • Error code received
    • Unable to connect to matches or matchmake
    • Unable to join groups

    Using a wired connection is the best solution to these problems, as you get the strongest home connection over Ethernet. You may also need to move your gaming setup location if you are constantly experiencing a weak connection while playing online games.

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    Intermittent crashing (PC only)

    Does Fall Guys crash repeatedly on your PC? These fixes might help you.

    Update your graphics card

    Faulty or outdated drivers often cause errors in video games beyond Fall Guys. You should check the status of your NVIDIA GPU at least twice a month to ensure that your graphics card is always up to date. You can do this by opening the downloaded GeForce Experience application on your computer. In GeForce Experience, click on the Drivers tab located next to home. Then tap Check for updates. Always install all available updates.

    Disable windowed mode

    This is usually disabled by default, but sometimes your PC settings can adjust this option without you having to. To make sure windowed mode is disabled, launch Fall Guys and click on the Settings tab (gear icon). Then click on Options. Below the video header is the windowed option. Make sure Windowed is disabled.

    Basic Connection Error (PS4)

    The PS4 has well-known disconnection issues. If you've started Fall Guys and can't connect to the game, chances are your console has been disconnected from the internet. To reconnect, completely close the Fall Guys app. Then go to PS4 Settings and choose Network. In the network, tap Set up Internet connection. If you successfully logged back in, try reopening Fall Guys to see if the game works.

    Did we miss any known issues? Let us know in the comments below and we'll do our best to find the solution to the Fall Guys error!

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