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Far Cry 6 is huge, and there are a lot of things that won't show up on your map or HUD and in The Yaram Story Seeds of Love you need to find 7 of Lorenzo's children. These children are scattered in the Sierra Perdida region in El Este.

But you are not looking for children. They are actually adults. Once Yaram's story is accepted, children/adults can be found at fixed locations at any time of the day. But they will not appear if the quest is not in progress.

All Lorenzo's children's pitches

Lorenzo's child #1 – Felipe

Felipe is located at Todos Santos Cemetery, north of the Verde River and south of Lapida Mogote. At the graveyard in the southwest corner, you'll see red pots spilling a substance that looks like smoke or fog. Follow this path and you will see a small shelter with Felipe outside.

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Lorenzo's child #2 – Tiago

Tiago is located in Santa Domingo, northeast of Lake Verde. He is locked upstairs in the second house on the left if you enter the small town from the south. You need to climb the building opposite the open window shown in the image above and shoot the lock on the door to untie Tiago.

Lorenzo's Child #3 – Riel

Riel is located east of the Basilica of the Virgin at Oceguera Farm. Here you will find small white flowers. By interacting with them, a lady illusion will appear, follow the illusions, and you will end up where you started, and Riel will be waiting for you.

Lorenzo's child #4 – Juan

Juan is located at the Perdomo Farm, directly north of the Basilica of the Virgin. In this farm, you will find a locked door, highlighted in yellow in the photo above, with Juan inside. First, you need to find a key. The key is located under the open thatched roof, indicated by the red highlight in the image above.

Lorenzo's child #5 – Camilo

Camilo is located in the town of Barriga, north of El Este, south of Nueva Vida. Head over to the water and the art-filled walk-through thatched roof. Here you have to kill all the enemies around this area. Once done, enter through the blue door.

Lorenzo's Child #6 – Maricela

Maricela is located at Flores Farm, in the Conuco area of ​​El Este. The farm is northeast of the Isabel Steppes. You will know if you are in the right place because you will find many models in the area. More importantly, you will find a dog. Pet the dog, then follow the pup across the river to its owner, Maricela.

Lorenzo's Child #7 – Xiomara

Xiomara, the last child/adult, is located in Concepcion, a town in the Conuco region of El Este. Head northwest out of town and head for the Dockside Pickup. Turn and face the city to the east.

Go straight and to the right of the ivy wall are steps going up. Look east again at the top of the stairs and you will see a wall of green ivy, cross the gap to the left. Climb the ladder right in front of you and you'll see a girl spraying a blue heart on the wall. This is Xiomara.

After finding the last child, the Seeds of Love quest will end.

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