All monster weaknesses in Monster Hunter Rise

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Monster Hunter Rise features a wide variety of monsters that players can hunt on their journey. With dozens of enemies between hunters and priceless rewards, it can be difficult to keep track of every weakness of the many monsters that populate the Monster Hunter world. Luckily, with our weakness chart below, you can catalog each enemy's weakness to your liking.

We have attached the key facts every gamer should know. Elemental weaknesses that players can exploit for extra damage. Status effects that affect each monster to inflict adverse status conditions or ailments are listed. Weak spots where monsters are most vulnerable to attack and breakable parts that net players extra rewards are all there, starting with the lowest ranked monsters. This is your definitive weakness chart for Monster Hunter Rise.

All Rank-Based Monster Weaknesses

Village Rank 2 stars

Village Rank 3 stars

Village Rank 4 stars

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Village Rank 5 stars

Village Rank 6 Stars

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Apex Monsters

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