All of Dragon Quest XI's wedding options

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RPGs can immerse us in many ways, especially when it comes to romance. Some games are quite outdated and you can have a weird adventure, and that doesn't mean anything, Geralt, we're looking at you! Other times on your journey you may start to like one party member more than others and wonder if there will be marriage in the future.

All of Dragon Quest XI's wedding options

Marriage in Dragon Quest XI isn't available until post-game, and it's more or less completely optional. It's an option that no one expected to see in the game. In the post-game, you have to rebuild a certain location, and once that's done, completing a trial lets you choose a wish. And one of those wish options is to be with someone forever.

Although marriage is a very strange word to use in this game, you can only really marry your childhood sweetheart Gemma according to the game's dialogue.

Do you take Gemma to be your legally married wife? Will you love him as long as you both live?

You can choose to "marry" any other member of your party, and we mean any, but this is more "cohabitation" than marriage, especially with male party members. The storyline is more affectionate with the female members, and it seems more than "cohabitation". Sure, in their dialogue they talk about camaraderie, and they'll always be there, but nothing in terms of love, being a wife, or marriage like Gemma does.

For a list of people you can marry:

  • Gem
  • Jade
  • Rab
  • Erik
  • Hendrik
  • Serena
  • Véronique
  • Sylvando

Basically, cohabitation is where you live with that person for life, but you're not an object. When you get home, you find that the person you married is sleeping the two of you in a separate bed; it's living with a best friend. Since Rab is the main character's grandfather, marrying him is strange, but cohabitation is completely acceptable. Two people who love each other as a family, living together is perfectly fine.

The game leaves room for interpretation of what you choose to believe, which is honestly what it should be. It's cleverly written in a way that could be marriage, or it could be something less, or even something more. Interpreting it the way you want is the key factor in any RPG. Let you give some examples:

  • Veronica: "We have the rest of our lives ahead of us, after all! The Amazing Veronica will be with you till the end!"

  • Jade: "You know, I have a feeling there's nothing we can't get over as long as we're together. Glad we're gonna be together for a while, huh?"

  • Rab: "I'll never leave you alone like that again, boy. I promise you that."

  • Sylvando: "And when I do, I know you'll be there, cheering me on every step of the way. We're a great team, you and I! The great Sylvando, and the greatest Luminaire yet!!

If you wish, save in a new separate file and, after the trial, choose each person you can marry. Then watch it and see who gives the best scene or the best dialogue. Reload your save and start over. It may take a while, but it's the best case scenario if you don't know who to choose!

Here's each character's partner play script ending cutscenes!

Spoiler warning

For those wondering when exactly you can get married, we can tell you.

In the post-game, you must rebuild Cobblestone and turn it into a bustling village. It involves a lot of tricky battles and a lot of running around the world to do quests. Once the village is fully restored, you must complete the Disciple's Trial. After beating the trial, you can make a wish, and you can choose the option to be with someone forever, then you can select the person you want.

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