All Rampage LMG nerfs when it returns to Apex Legends

A new hotfix went live today in Apex Legends that fixed the infinite charge exploit for Rampage and Sentinel weapons, and removed the crash error for the Mil-Spec Legendary Bangalore skin. As the in-game playlist has been updated, Rampage and Sentinel weapons have been re-enabled for all playlists, as they were previously disabled due to the glitch. With the return, the Sentinel remained intact, but the Rampage returned to the game with a substantial nerf.

All the nerfs to the Rampage LMG

The Rampage LMG had many players complaining about its strength. Because of this, the devs nerfed the weapon across multiple accounts when it returned to Apex Legends.

  • [Nerf โ†“] Damage per bullet now 26 (was 28)
    • This does 22 leg damage and 39 headshots
  • [Nerf โ†“] Thermite consumption per shot has been increased
    • Players will have the accelerated rapid fire boost for fewer shots in combat, but it will remain enabled for the same time out of combat with this change

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If this nerf is too brutal for the weapon, we might see a slight buff in the near future. If that's not enough, it can be nerfed again. That said, none of these events would likely occur until the new season kicks off in February.

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