All SSR and SR cards in Tears of Themis

In Tears of Themis, visions will manifest as character cards that players will need to win debates and progress through the game. There are three attributes that have interrelated dynamics; Logic, (Blue) Empathy, (Red) and Intuition (Green). Each vision represents the four main men in the game and are rated R, SR, and SSR; Rare, Super Rare and Super Super Rare.

All SSR and SR cards in Tears of Themis

SSR cards are the hardest to get in the game and are the most powerful, SR cards can be obtained frequently, and R cards are the easiest to find. A Tear of Themis reward will give players a Vision, or players can redeem 10 ToT rewards for 10 Visions; but the more players spend on each draw, will guarantee them a higher chance of drawing SR and SSR character cards. Here is a list of all SSR and SR cards in Tears of Themis.

SSR Cards

New players can receive an SSR card within the first 30 views and after collecting that first SSR card, the guaranteed count will reset to 100. These super super rare cards will have ultimate attack power, when they are played correctly. Players can obtain Visions at Shadows of Themis, where they can purchase Mall Packs with real-world or in-game currency.

  • Luc
    • Seductive look
    • shape of you
  • Artem
    • Atmosphere
    • memory of love
    • Intertwined Fate
  • Vyn
    • near and far
    • Medieval suspense
  • Marius
    • eye of the beholder
    • narrow road

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SR Cards

An SR card is also guaranteed to new players within 10 visions and also resets to 100 after the first SR card is drawn. The Dazzling Summer Shadows of Themis event and other similar events increase the draw rates of designated cards, while the events are active.

  • Luc
    • Among the Big Blue
    • Radiant sunlight
    • moment of danger
    • Once upon a time
    • Timely rescue
    • Sanctuary
  • Artem
    • The darkest before dawn
    • Stay humble
    • In sickness or in health
    • Sparks
    • autumn dreams
    • focus fire
  • Vyn
    • reverse light
    • cool summer
    • fake tears
    • Gentleman game
    • Mercury in retrograde
    • Persistent heat
    • repaired heart
  • Marius
    • Fall into you
    • child of heart
    • Harmonic
    • Dream of Thebes
    • A dance on the clouds

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