All Stonefalls Skyshard locations in ESO

The Stonefalls is one of two mainland areas that ESO players within the Ebonheart Pact faction; Argonians, Dark Elves, and Nords can surrender after leaving the starting island; Island of Morneroche. The Rockfalls are part of the continent of Morrowind and consist of rocky terrain, volcanic eruptions, and farmland. Among all of these, players can find a total of 16 Skyshards to gain an additional 5 skill points without upgrading.

All Skyshard locations in the landscape

The celestial brilliance of the port

On most continental maps, there is a variation of Harborage where players can commune with the Prophet. For the Stonefalls, players have their Harborage in a Daedric Ruin southwest of Davon's Watch behind a mountain. This Skyshard is on the side of the mountain facing the ship between the harbor and Davon's Watch.

Bal Foyen Skyshard

This Celestial Shard can be found just outside the southeast gate of Bal Foyen behind the small refugee camp on the stone patio. If you're coming from within town, it's an immediate left. If the players are coming from out of town, it will be on the right side a bit behind the door.

Fort Arand Skyshard

Players can find this Skyshard near the center of a Covenant camp northwest of Fort Arand Wayshrine between Mephala's Nest and Emberflint Mine. Coming from the shrine, players can enter the camp which is hidden behind a stone wall. This skyshard will be at a slightly elevated level between the first tent and a higher level tent to the right.

Vivec Woods Skyshard

The next Skyshard in the landscape is south of the Vivec Woods Sanctuary. It will be slightly west of Armatures Upheaval in a lava pool near the top of Ash Mountain here. Players can encounter this Celestial Shard during quests such as The Coral Heart, Breaches of Frost and Fire, Bug Off!, Cleansing the Past, In With the Tide, A Higher Priority, and/or To the Mountain.

Skyshard matron's clutch

The Matron's Clutch is one of the world boss areas on the coast near Hightide Hollow. Players can find this Celestial Shard on the cliff above the world boss area. M'aiq the Liar can often be found here between The Matron's Clutch, Hightide Hollow and Dagger's Point Invasion Camp. It will be at the edge, in front of a Dunmeri soldier statue.

Lukiul Uxith Skyshard

Lukiul Uxith is a purchasable player house in Stonefalls near Heimlyn Keep. This heavenly shard is a short distance from the house on a hill between Lukiul Uxith, Heimlyn Keep, Hrogar's Hold and Hrogar's Hold Wayshrine. It's not in a very busy area, but it's near the quest-giver NPC Chitakus. It will give players the Hunting Invaders quest.

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The Fungal Cave I Skyshard

Just northwest of the Temple of Iliath, players can find the Fungal Grotto I dungeon entrance. This skyshard sits just beyond the dungeon entrance. If players haven't joined the Indomitables yet, this can be a harder area to find. However, players may come across it during the From the Wastes and/or Undermined quests.

Sathram Plantation Skyshard

Sathram Plantation is south of the Temple of Iliath and southwest of the Tongue of Sheogorath. Players can find this Celestial Shard sitting at the very bottom of the plantation between the edge of the map and the southernmost buildings of the plantation. This can be found during quests such as An Unwanted Twin and A Story Told in Footprints.

Magmaflow Overlook Skyshard

The Magmaflow Overlook is a workshop where players can craft parts of the Ashen Grip set. It's along the Ashen Road between Kragenmoor and Deshaan. Players can see the skyshard from the workshop when looking down into the lava ravine below. It's on an island between two lava flows just south of the Magmaflow Overlook.

All indoor Skyshard locations

L’Inner Sea Armature Skyshard

The Inner Sea Rebar can be found south of the Shipwreck Strand world boss area and north of the Steamfont Cavern. Inside the Dig, players can find it in the northern room of the Dig, in the far corner, near the door deeper into the Dig. Long Lost Lore is the only quest in this dig.

Crow's Wood Skyshard

Crow's Wood is a public dungeon northeast of Davon's Watch. Just outside the city gates, near the coastline, this dungeon sits right inside a cave. Players will travel to another dimension inside with talking crows and trapped souls. From the entry point, players will need to head straight west until they reach the Moonlit Maiden. This skyshard will be on the edge of the map behind the Moonlit Maiden.

Emberflint Mine Skyshard

Players can find the Emberflint Mine south of Ebonheart and directly north of Fort Arand Wayshrine. Inside the mine, players can find this Celestial Shard in a small alcove on an upper level that is somewhat confusing to reach. From the entrance, keep left to enter the open area to the east, then take the opening on the right side. If players follow this cavern, they will reach the skyshard at the end.

Mephala's Nest Skyshard

Mephala's Nest is a Daedric dig west of the Emberflint Mine and south of Ebonheart. Players can enter this dig for quests, Rescue Rhea, and The Missing Prophecy. Both of these quests should take players to the northern chamber containing this skyshard. It will be in the center of the room in a canopy basin.

Skyshard of Hightide Hollow

During Truth About Spiders, players will enter the Hightide Hollow, a dig west of The Matron's Clutch and northeast of the Sulfur Pools. Players can find this Celestial Shard deep within the dig in the southeast chamber. Both chambers open onto a lava river with a bridge over it. This celestial shard is in the inner corner of this chamber on the south side.

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Skyshard of Sheogorath's Tongue

Southeast of the Sathram Plantation Wayshrine, players can find the Tongue of Sheogorath. Players can enter this dig for Darkvale Brews and Ruthless Competition quests. This Celestial Shard can be found in the north chamber or in the chamber on the right side of the entrance. It will be near the right side of the chamber, slightly shrouded in debris.

Softloam Cavern Skyshard

East of the Shivering Shrine and north of Davenas Farm, players can find the Softloam Cavern. Players can enter this dig during the Stem the Tide and The Fetish quests. Players can find this final Skyshard in the far southwestern cavern. It will be on the east side of the lava pool in this chamber near some shale.

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