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Episode 15 was released just in time for the holidays in NBA 2K22. The 2KTV episode features the winner of the Luka Challenge, questions about Doncic, and information on holiday events. NBA 2K22 is in the middle of the Dunk the Halls event, where players can earn rewards by simply logging into MyTeam and picking up cosmetic gifts from the Christmas Tree in MyCareer. This episode of 2KTV can reward players up to 2800 VC for all correct answers.

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Here are all the questions and answers for 2KTV Episode 15 in NBA 2K22:

  • What is your favorite type of game? โ€“ Any answer
  • In which year did Luka Doncic record his first triple-double? โ€” 2019
  • How many triple doubles has Luka Doncic recorded as a rookie? โ€” 8
  • Against which team did Luka Doncic register his first triple-double? โ€“ Deer
  • How many players have been named to the NBA's 75th Anniversary Team? โ€” 76
  • Which of the following players did NOT make the NBA's 75th Anniversary Team? โ€“Dwight Howard
  • Which of the following NBA teams does NOT have a 2K League affiliated team? โ€”Los Angeles Clippers
  • Which 2K League team is based in Mexico? โ€”Dux Gaming
  • Which team was the first to win multiple championships in the 2K League? โ€” Wizarding Games District
  • How many teams are there in the 2K League? โ€” 24
  • Which warrior won the Most Improved Player award in 2003? โ€”Gilbert Arenas
  • How many NBA championships has Steve Kerr won? โ€” 8
  • How many consecutive Western Conference titles did the Warriors win in the 2010s? โ€” 5
  • What year did the Warriors draft Steph Curry with the 7th overall pick? โ€” 2009
  • Vote for your best game of the week โ€” Any answer

Check back next week to earn more VC in 2KTV. Players can also access MyCareer to earn holiday rewards such as scarves, headbands and more through the Christmas tree.

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