Best Alolan Ninetales build in Pokémon Unite

In Pokémon Unite, the Attacking Pokémon class has low stamina stats, but clearly excels at dealing heavy ranged damage to its enemies. With this release, players will glide across the battlefield with Alolan Ninetales in a sleek yet aggressive way.

Best Alolan Ninetales build in Pokémon Unite

Alolan Ninetales' special attacks and passive ability freeze enemy Pokemon in place. Stick with the team until they're fully evolved, then no foe can escape Alolan's wrath! Level up by increasing attack speed and scoring points, bit by bit. Check out our best Alolan Ninetales build in Pokémon Unite.

Decrease the opponent's movement speed, increase the whole team's movement speed and trap the enemy Pokémon, before activating the unit movement of Alolan Ninetales. Snow Globe attacks with cold snow and ice. This ability deals massive damage in a wide area of ​​effect and increases damage to frozen Pokemon.

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  • Glacial wind
    • Attacks and decreases the movement speed of the opposing Pokémon in the attack area with a strong icy wind.
  • avalanche
    • Build an ice wall to trap opponents. When the wall melts, it collapses and deals damage to enemy Pokemon.
  • Aurora Veil
    • Creates an aurora around players and their teammates that protects them from damage from opposing Pokémon and increases the movement speed of all Pokémon within the veil.


  • muscle band
    • Increases base attack damage
  • attack weight
    • Increases Attack after Pokemon successfully scores a goal
  • Wise glasses
  • Attack X
    • Raises the Pokémon's Attack and Special Attack for a short time.

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