Best Movesets for Cresselia in Pokémon Go

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Cresselia is a Tier 5 Raid Pokémon that poses a major threat to anyone who wants to battle its psychic powers. Ensuring your Cresselia is the best of the best isn't just about leveling them up, it's also about choosing the right moveset!

Cresselia is a Psychic Pokemon with no second type, so it's a good idea to focus on those types of attacks. Cresselia isn't exactly known for being great in Raid or PVP battles, but she excels in Great League battles, where Pokémon Fighters are most often seen.


  • Cresselia is boosted by the windy weather.
  • Cresselia can learn other types such as Grass, Fairy, and Ice. If there is no weather boost active, you can try one of these charged attacks to maximize its damage.

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Best Movesets

Pokémon Better
Weather boost
No weather boost
Cresselia Quick attack: confusion or psychological cut
Charged Attack: Future Sight
Quick Attack: Confusion
Charged Attack: Future Sight or Grass Knot
Weather Boost: 13,44
No weather boost: 11,65

Cresselia doesn't excel at combat attacks, despite being some of the strongest in the game. Cresselia is best used to quickly build up and use charge attacks to knock opposing shields out of the equation!

That's all you need to know about the best movesets for Cresselia!

Want to know more about Cresselia? Be sure to check out our raid guide for Cresselia to see its weaknesses and best counters!

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