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Rare Pokemon have always been highly prized, and Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are no exception. In fact, the shiny Pokémon, or recolored Pokémon that you only have a 4 in 096 chance of encountering without weird manipulation, that can be found in the Sinnoh region are arguably some of the prettiest you can find. find.

Below are some of the best of them.

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Rapidash with normal colored flames is boring to look at, but its glowing version, which has pale purple flames, looks majestic and gruesome. You can hunt Shiny Ponyta, her pre-evolved form, on Route 206, Route 210 (south), and Route 215.

Cherrim (covered form)

Here's another Pokémon whose aura changes when you catch its shiny form: Cherrim. In its cloudy or regular form, the non-shiny cherrim is bright purple. However, its Shiny version probably more accurately exudes the "cover" of its name.

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The best way to hunt Shining Cherub, its pre-evolved form, is through Honey Trees or in the Great Underground.


It's easy to mistake regular Gliscor for a Flying/Poison type when you first see its design; but now you can mistake it for a Flying/Ice type due to the pretty cool shiny recolor. You can only hunt shiny Gligar, his pre-evolved form, in Brilliant Diamond's Great Underground. Check out the Grassland Caves, Swamp Caves, Sunshine Cavern, Big Bluff Cavern, and Bogsunk Cavern.


Let's face it: regular Metagross looks like Fragile Rock. Shiny Metagross reflects its Steel typography much more. You can hunt Beldum, its pre-evolved form, in the Great Underground after receiving the National Pokédex. It's rare, but it sometimes spawns in Rock Caves, Whiteout Caves, Ice Cave, Big Bluff Cave, and Ice Cave.


Shiny and non-shiny Yanma is just a simple red to blue palette swap. However, when it evolves into Yanmega, it looks completely different, like a dragonfly exploring at night.

You can hunt Yanma in the Pastoria City Safari after receiving the National Pokédex. It's one of the special Pokémon that shuffles daily, so be sure to watch the binoculars in the second floor lobby to see which Pokémon will be available for the day.


White-bodied Uxie looks like a Pokemon out of the lab, like Mewtwo. But swap the white for yellow and its head for gold, and you get a Pokémon that truly looks like a true nature-formed legendary.

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You can hunt Shining Uxie by flying to Acuity Lake after the game ends and entering the cavern in the middle. Save before encountering Uxie. Talk to him, and if not a shiny soft reset until Arceus shows mercy.


Cresselia is a well-known psychic legend, and her glowing form best reflects that. Shiny Cresselia ditches all the fairy-like pink vibe for space-themed blue and yellow, fitting for a legendary game that has Team Galactic as its enemy.

To hunt Shining Cresselia, follow these steps to find her. Much like Uxie, you'll need a lot of luck, so save up before meeting her for the first time.


Cresselia isn't the only legendary to look and feel different with one of her colors swapped out for blue and yellow (or peach if you want to be strict). Giratina certainly looks less of a Ghost-type than the original, but the Shiny recolor suits it oddly better. You can find Giratina using this guide. Save and pray to the Almighty Sinnoh afterwards.

For more help with Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, we at Tipsforallgames have you covered.

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