Best Slowbro builds in Pokémon Unite

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Pokémon Unite's Defender class has high stamina and excels at protecting allies and hampering opponents. Tread the battlefield with teammates as the tank defender, Slowbro.

Best Slowbro builds in Pokémon Unite

This build is great for getting assists and works well on any lane, as long as the team sticks together. This build focuses on Slowbro as a supporting defender Pokemon and works best with teammates to defend against. Check out our best Slowbro version in Pokémon Unite.

Slowbro's Unite Move, Slow Beam locks opponents in place, but also stuns players. Launch Team Battles for a mob to hit with Surf, just before activating the Slow Beam to use it as much as possible on the opposing team. The enemy team can lose half their HP if caught in the area of ​​effect; it's perfect for the rest of the team to finish off the enemy Pokemon!

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  • Water gun
    • Fires a powerful jet of water that moves opponents, stunning and knocking them back.
  • Surf
    • Charge forward while riding the waves. The first wave deals damage to opposing Pokémon in the area of ​​effect and moves them.
  • Telekinesis
    • Makes opposing Pokémon float with a psychic power. If used again, pulls the opposing Pokemon towards the user.


  • shell bell
    • Restores a portion of the Pokemon's HP each time it successfully completes a move
  • Rocky Helmet
    • Deals damage to nearby opposing Pokemon when the holder takes damage
  • Biscuit Aeos
    • Increases max HP after Pokemon successfully scores a goal
  • Eject button
    • Quickly moves players' Pokemon in designated direction

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