Best Venusaur builds in Pokémon Unite

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In Pokémon Unite, the Attacking Pokémon class has low stamina stats, but clearly excels at dealing heavy ranged damage to its enemies. With this Venusaur build, even Zapdos isn't safe.

Best Venusaur builds in Pokémon Unite

This unstoppable build works best for the Top Lane and with a Defending Pokémon on the team. Abuse the opposing Pokémon on the battlefield with Petal Dance and Giga Drain, while slapping them with Venusaur's tongue action! Even tested and approved against Zapdos; check out our best Venusaur build in Pokémon Unite.

Pity. Pity. Pity. Venusaur, the tank build specializes solely in dealing the most damage to enemy Pokémon on the battlefield; with certain items that help increase movement speed and gain HP. Venusaur's unit move, Verdant Anger, launches a giant seed that shatters and deals damage to enemies in the area of ​​effect and slows their movement speed. It also increases Venusaur's movement speed, literally turning it into a siphon tank!

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  • razor foil
    • Launches sharp leaves that damage anything they hit
  • dance of the petals
    • Scatters petals that damage enemies in the area of ​​effect and increase player movement speed.
  • Giga drain
    • Steals HP from all enemy Pokémon in the area of ​​effect and temporarily increases the player's defense while dealing damage.


  • Assault Vest
    • When the Pokémon is not in battle, grants it a shield that negates Sp. Attack damage
  • Focus band
    • Continuously restores the Pokemon's HP for a short time when the Pokemon drops to low HP
  • Wise glasses
  • Eject button
    • Quickly moves players' Pokemon in designated direction

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