Best Weapons For Each Class In Genshin Impact

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Weapon types in Genshin Impact consist of five different classes and each character is specific to wield only one class of weapons. These classes include swords, clays, polearms, catalysts, and bows.

Best Weapons For Each Class In Genshin Impact

Including their base attack level and starting stats, the list below includes the top three five-star weapons of each class, in Genshin Impact.


Swords are ranked somewhere in the middle of Genshin Impact's melee weapons. The damage they deal and the speed of their attacks are between the slow attacks of the Claymore and the faster attacks of polearms.

  • Reforged Mistbreaker
    • Base Attack by 48. Increases Critical Damage and increases Elemental Damage by 12% for all elements.
  • Primal Jade Cutter
    • Base Attack by 44. Increases Critical Damage, increases HP by 20%, and provides an additional Attack bonus.
  • Aquila Favonia
    • Base Attack 48. Increases Attack by 20% and regenerates health when taking damage.


Claymores deliver slower hits than other melee weapons, but deal massive damage per hit. These heavy weapons also have bonus damage for breaking Geo objects.

  • wolf tombstone
    • Basic Attack 46. Increases Basic Attack Damage by 20% and further increases damage by 40%, for 12 seconds.
  • Pride to the sky
    • Base Attack 48. Increases all damage by 8% and inflicts a powerful vacuum attack, which deals 80% attack damage.
  • Song of the Broken Pines
    • Base Attack 49. Increases Physical Damage by 20% and increases Attack by 16%.

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arms you have

Polearms provide the fastest attacks, compared to all Genshin Impact weapons, and also grant its characters greater range.

  • Homa Staff
    • Base Attack 46. Increases HP by 20% and provides an attack bonus based on 0,8% of wearer's max HP.
  • Primordial Jade Wingspear
    • Base Attack 48. On hit, increases Attack by 3% for six seconds.
  • spine to the sky
    • Base Attack 48. Increases critical damage by 8% and increases normal attack speed by 12%. Normal and Charged attacks on opponents have a 50% chance to trigger a Vacuum Blade that deals 40% Attack Damage in a small area of ​​effect.


The magical nature of Catalysts treats all normal and charged attacks as elemental damage. The wearer's natural element, or vision, will determine the element of damage.

  • eternal moonlight
    • Base Attack 46. Increases healing bonus by 10% and increases normal attack damage by 1% of max HP.
  • Atlas to the sky
    • Base Attack 48. Increases elemental damage by 12%.
  • Prayer lost to holy winds
    • Base Attack 46. Increases CRIT Damage by 30,2% and increases character movement speed by 10%. Grants an additional 8% bonus elemental damage, every four seconds.


Long range attacks go to bows in Genshin Impact. With impeccable aim and a proper charged attack, they are able to damage monsters from a great distance.

  • Thunderous Pulse
    • Base Attack 46. Increases Attack by 20% and increases Normal Attack Damage by 12%.
  • harp to the sky
    • Base Attack by 48 and increases CRIT Damage by 20%.
  • L’arc d’Amos
    • Base Attack 46. Increases normal attack and charged attack damage by 12% and increases damage dealt by 8%, every 0,1 seconds.

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