Celestia release location and date in Genshin Impact

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There is a lot of content to come in future Genshin Impact updates. While many players eagerly await the release of each elemental region, there is more to Teyvat than meets the eye. Celestia is an ever-looming presence on Teyvat that will likely set the stage for the Traveler's endgame.

Celestia is the area where Lumine and Aether were separated when they originally tried to leave Teyvat. The region is inhabited by gods who dominate the archons and who directly ordered the destruction of Khaenri'ah. The area also seems to have control over the distribution of visions.

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Celestia can be seen floating in the sky at all times. It's too far to really do much, but it seems like a massive area made of classic architecture. For now, it appears to be floating directly above the Fontaine area.

When will Celestia be released?

You shouldn't expect to see anything from Celestia until Fontaine is freed, and even then it's likely to be brief glances. Celestia is becoming the endgame area of ​​the Traveler's story and won't be returning for a few years. Fontaine should be in version 4.0, and travelers won't be done with other regions until version 6.0.

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