Clean tanks and escape, hidden challenge

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Season 4 of Fortnite also offers hidden challenges, allowing you to collect bonus XP. One of them is called “Clean Tanks and Escape”. Like previous seasons, Epic Games has set up for the fortnite season 4 of  secret challenges, which allow you to recover bonus XP, ideal for progressing in the Battle Pass. After having had to help coral friends in season 3, the dwarves are back for this fourth season. One of the hidden challenges will ask you to defuse bombs and traps.

How to clean the tanks and escape?

Like most Hidden Challenges, the actions required are relatively straightforward. You will have to go to Sulrpy Swamp, in a factory north of the area (see map at the bottom of the article). Once inside it, you will have to bathe in the two tanks which are filled with Slurp so that it regains its blue that we know.

Once done, you will have to go north to approach the gnome waiting for you. He is just in front of the broken wall, on the right. When you are at his side, the challenge will be validated and the latter will take off.

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