Complete a lap in Canoe Chaos, Week 4 Challenges

Find the tips to easily and quickly complete the challenge "Complete a lap at the Chaos of the canoes" part of week 4 of the challenges of season 3 of Fortnite. Season 3 of Chapter 2 of Fortnite kicked off this Wednesday, June 17, and Epic Games was quick to offer its famous challenges, allowing among other things to recover experience for the Battle Pass. For this fourth week, the challenges will take us on a tour of the map and the new features put in place by the developers, and in particular the challenge asking to complete a lap in Canoe Chaos.

How do I complete the Canoe Chaos Tour?

To do this, know that you will have to go to the smallest of the islands north of Misty Meadows. Once there, you will have to, as the title of this challenge implies, find yourself a canot which will, fortunately, be rather easy. When you are comfortably installed on board it, go to the northern part of the island, where a departure panel with a stopwatch is present.

Wait for the countdown to reach zero, then step on the gas to complete a lap, passing through the rings that appear. The goal is to be the fastest, but completing the lap will be enough to validate this challenge.

We've shown you exactly where the race is taking place on the map above.
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