Crouch behind a barrier, Delta One challenges

Crouching behind a barrier is one of the Delta One challenges, which arrive in honor of the collaboration with the Gears of War license. Find our tips for easily validating it. Chapter 3 of Fortnite has just kicked off, that a collaboration is already available. This highlights Gears of War and some of its characters, available as an outfit in the in-game store. However, in order to celebrate this partnership, a series of quests, named Delta one, is available for one week (December 9-17), so players have something to do, but more importantly can walk away with spray (and XP). One of the Delta One challenges, the second to be exact, will ask you to crouch behind a barrier.

Where to crouch behind a barrier?

Unlike the previous challenge, the operation will only have to be performed once, which is good news since there are fewer locations. We identify five barriers through the new Fortnite island, including three in the northern part of the map, a place that can therefore be privileged, even if the other players should, as a result, be more numerous.

Once faced with these barriers (see below for the map), just press the key to crouch. The challenge should normally be validated immediately. If not, check that you are close enough for your action to be taken into account.

You can find thelocation of the five barriers on our map :

Crouch behind a barrier, Delta One challenges
You can find all the Delta One challenges, and more information on collaboration, in this dedicated guide.
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