Deliver a Pickup to Tournesol Farm, Week 8 Challenge

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Find our tips for the challenge "Deliver a pick-up to Sunflower Farm" counting for the seventh week of season 8 of chapter 2 of Fortnite. You can take advantage of our map with multiple locations to make it happen quickly. Even if Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 offers a lot of new features with random quests, Epic Games does not forget the famous weekly challenges, which come out every Thursday at 15 p.m. These challenges allow players to collect XP in order to progress through the Battle Pass and unlock many cosmetics and skin variants. One of the challenges will ask you, in particular, to deliver a pick-up to the Tournesol farm.

Deliver a pickup to Sunflower Farm

Like many challenges of this eighth week, it will be about vehicles and farms. First, you will need to find a pickup for the rest of the challenge. After several attempts, we can see, even if their spawn is random, that it is possible to find them at Dirty Docks, even if the place is far from our objective, or at the Colossal Coliseum. Do not hesitate to land close to a locality to maximize your chances of finding a pick-up, an essential element for the validation of the challenge.

In a second step, when you have your vehicle, you will have to go to the Orchard, since this is where we find sunflower farm. It's the wooden building, painted red, that sits just behind the Farmer's Market. All you have to do is deliver the vehicle just in front of Tournesol's farm to complete the challenge.

In order not to waste time in your research, we have precisely indicated theSunflower Farm location on our map below. 

As a reminder, there are other challenges available in the area, such as one asking you to destroy crates of apples and tomatoes at the Farmer's Market, and one asking you to drive a car through the cornfield at the Armored Farmer's estate.
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