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The "Eat Bananas" challenge is one of Fortnite's fifth season quests. Find our tips and a map with locations to validate it. The fifth season of chapter 2 of Fortnite is finally available. As always, a battle pass is available, sold for 950 V-bucks, allowing you to recover many cosmetics. To unlock them, you have to earn XP, which can be earned by completing several quests, which are random, but also to unlock some cosmetic rewards for your characters. One of these challenges will require you to eat bananas.

Eating bananas in Fortnite

Over time, consumables have become commonplace in Fortnite, and we find them everywhere, in all forms. If, at the beginning, we only found apples and mushrooms, very quickly, other fruits and vegetables came to complete the list of edible foods, without forgetting the fish. The bananas are part of the lot, and are in very specific places, allowing you to regain HP, if you do not have a kit or bandages.

You will find, for example, on the islets around Coral Castle, with many coconuts. Note, however, that the bananas are quite rare, but don't hesitate to look carefully so as not to miss any rare ones you might come across.

You can see on our map below where you should find bananas in fortnite.

Like other quests, this mission can only be completed if it appears in your missions menu.
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