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Tribes of Midgard Serpent Saga update added a ton of new features and content to the game. Some of the features that players can find and experience are new saga quests, new saga boss and even new types of enemies.

The Serpent Saga update for Tribes of Midgard also added a ton of new items. These items range from armor sets, runes, starter kits. A brand new armor perk system and a shipyard building have also been added.

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The Shipyard allows players to build new ships to explore a new ocean biome, while the Armor Perks system will allow players to add perks to their armor. That said, check out the patch notes below to learn more about everything the Serpent Saga update added.

New Biome: Open Seas

  • The emergence of Jömungandr changed the seas of Midgard forever! All worlds are now generated with a much larger balance of water now populated with islands filled with dangerous creatures, rare resources and valuable treasures.

New Structure: Shipyard

  • A new structure. A ruined shipyard can be found on an Ash Beach biome near the village. Gather enough resources to rebuild the shipyard and you can directly craft boats from it.

Boats, Boats, Boats

  • After conquering the Wolf Saga, the Einherjar reflect more on their past lives as Vikings and the ancient ways. With renewed purpose, they remembered the lost art of sailing these majestic ships across the seas.


  • That's right, swim! Not only were the Einherjar recently remembering the ancient art of sailing, but also the crucial skills needed to survive in a world with so much water, until they ran out of stamina.

New boss of the saga: Jörmungandr

  • Jörmungandr has risen! The notorious venomous World Serpent resides in its lair in the heart of the ocean, and if not stopped soon, it will consume all of Midgard in the name of Ragnarök.

New Saga Quest and Saga Quest selection

  • With the introduction of a new saga boss, we have also introduced a new saga quest that will guide you on your journey to defeat Jörmungandr.
  • Fenrir is still part of the world, as is the saga's quest to defeat him. If you're feeling particularly brave (and quick), you can even attempt to complete both saga quests in one world.
  • Please note that during Season 2, the Jörmungandr Saga is selected by default but can be changed at any time on the quest board.

New condition: poisoned

  • Some of the newly introduced enemy attacks, such as a Selkie's claws or Jörmungandr's spit, are capable of poisoning you. The Poisoned condition will slowly eat away at your HP and Mana if you are afflicted.

New Armor Perks

  • Saga 2 launches the Armor Perks system. Each Tribes of Midgard armor piece now contains an additional passive bonus.
  • Each perk is assigned to a particular armor set.
  • You can also mix and match Armor Perks if you're feeling creative. Multiple pieces with the same armor perk will stack the bonus!

Armor perks per armor set

  • Villager: Increases the chance of receiving double the loot from enemy drops per piece equipped.
  • Raider: Increases sword damage per piece equipped.
  • Raider: Increases ax damage per piece equipped.
  • Savage: Increases hammer damage per piece equipped.
  • Nornir: Increases Thunder damage per piece equipped.
  • Seiðr: Increases damage against Helthing per piece equipped.
  • Útgarð: increases ice damage per piece equipped.
  • Gullveig: Increases Fire damage per piece equipped.
  • Serpent (new set): Increases Dark damage per piece equipped.
  • Fornjót: Increases damage against Jötunn per piece equipped.
  • Baldr: regenerates HP every 10 seconds. The amount of healing increases per piece equipped.
  • Fenrir: increases damage against saga bosses per piece equipped.
  • Jörmungandr (new set): regenerates mana every 2 seconds. The amount earned increases per piece equipped.


New creature: seals (so cute)

  • A docile new creature that inhabits the shores of Midgard.

New creature: Selkie (not so cute)

  • Often disguising themselves as sigils, at first these vicious creatures will lunge at you if you get too close and sing to slow you down.

New creature: Pitgrim (not so cute either)

  • Armed with their trusty lyres, the Fossegrims come with one of three magical songs that benefit their allies within a close radius.

New Camps: Beacons

  • These unique camps are fortified with a gauntlet of turrets and host enemies defending a sacred beacon used to light the way to Jörmungandr.

New runes

  • We have added 5 new runes to strengthen your options and provide new strategies. See below for their abilities and how to acquire them:
  • Nothing to handle [Rare].
  • Mana Scout [Rare].
  • Harvest Boom [Rare].
  • Winter's Awakening [Epic].

Le poison d'Eira [Legendary]

  • All new runes are unlocked as season rewards.

New starter kits

  • We've added 6 starter kits to shake up that early game routine!
  • Builder Starter Kit [Uncommon].
  • Industrial Starter Kit [Rare].
  • Double Joint Starter Kit [Rare].
  • Tactical Retreat Starter Kit [Rare].
  • [Epic] Marine Starter Kit.
  • Expedition Starter Kit [Legendary].
  • All new Starter Kits are unlocked as Season Rewards.

New rewards track

  • With the official arrival of our second season, a new reward track is ready to be conquered! Progress through playing Tribes of Midgard to earn Season XP and earn Bonus XP through Timed Challenges. 49 new levels and 49 new rewards await you, Einherjar!
  • Season rewards from the previous season have been moved to the store and can be acquired with Golden Horns. See the Shop V2 section below for more details.

New cosmetic set

  • Pirate Set – Armor x5 and Gear x5.
  • Unlocked with Platinum Coins in the Shop.

new animal

  • Flyte Master – Fight or Fly? Well, this sarcastic parrot has become something of a local legend among the Einherjar for its skill in flight. No feeling was spared.
  • Unlocked with Platinum Coins in the Shop.
  • Baby Jormie – Before he was the World Serpent, he was just a cute little guy who never wanted to leave his shell. Hard to believe how big he got.
  • Unlocked as a Saga Challenge Reward.

And much more

  • New ruin and decoration landmarks to improve visual variety.
  • New “Defeat Jörmungandr 1x, 5x, 10x” challenges with unique rewards.
  • New challenge "Defeat 2 bosses of the saga in a single world" (for those who dare!).
  • Over 50 new sound and VO effects in High Midgardian for immersion.
  • Shimmering visual effect on the village quest board to draw attention to it when no personal quests have been selected.
  • Multiple performance optimizations, updated visuals, and various other improvements.


  • New crafting gear recipes.

Maw of Jörmungandr [Legendary]

  • Spell 1 – Whirlpool Tail++:
  • Spell 2 – Spit Poison+.
  • Spell 3 – Crashing Waves.
  • Unlock as Saga Challenge reward.

Armor of Jörmungandr [Legendary]

  • Grants Poison Control++.
  • Unlock all coins as season rewards.

Shield of Jörmungandr [Legendary]

  • Unlock as Saga Challenge reward.

Serpent Gnasher (Hache) I / II / III

  • Spell 1 – Slash.
  • Sort 2 – Invocation.
  • Serpent Gnasher III unlocks as a season reward.

Serpent Armor [Epic]

  • Grants Poison Control+.
  • Unlock as Season Reward.

Serpent Shield [Epic]

  • Unlock as Season Reward.

New Potion Recipe: Elixir of Immunity

  • Never worry about being stunned, slowed, poisoned, weakened or even ignited.
  • Unlock as Season Reward.

Christmas Event – ​​December 14, 2021 – January 3, 2022

Festive Challenges

  • During the Christmas event, there will be 3 festive challenges that can only be completed during this limited time event.
  • Complete these challenges to earn unique Yulidays content, see Yulidays content below for details.

Loot box present

  • We've added a new loot box to protect your belongings when things don't go as planned. This loot box is specially wrapped for the holiday season!
  • Unlocked by completing a festive challenge during the holiday season.


  • Bucky the Christmas Goat – Often forgotten and stuck on the sidelines, this year's holiday event marks when Bucky the Christmas Goat shines!
  • Unlocked by completing a festive challenge during the holiday season.

Christmas Portrait

  • A special Portrait to show off your party spirit!
  • Unlocked by completing a festive challenge during the holiday season.

Christmas cosmetics

  • Allfather Yule Set – Armor x5 and Gear x5.
  • Unlocked with Golden Horns in the Shop.

Balance Changes

  • Jötunn pace reduced to adapt to the new world generation (small continent).
  • The behavior of the Rune Nothing to Hide has been changed, in that you now only receive the damage bonus from the Rune if all armor slots are empty, rather than an incremental bonus per empty slot. The total bonus damage remains the same, but you must embrace full nudity to use it. Shine on you, savage viking!
  • Sorcerer and Merchant Treasure Map rarity changed from Common to Uncommon.
  • Personal quests now contain a treasure map consumable as a reward to aid in exploration.
  • The Hardest Winter Personal Quest Elixir of Speed ​​has been replaced with the Elixir of Immunity.
  • Elixir of Immunity can now also be found in Ruin Treasure Chests on an Ash Beach.
  • Villager Bow II can be found in treasure chests in Ruins.
  • Lair Treasure Maps can now be found in the last treasure chest of a Lair.
  • Hiding Artifacts can now be purchased from the Sorcerer in Smoky Highlands for Souls.
  • Jötunn Artifacts can now be purchased from Ash Beach Sorcerer for Souls.
  • All elite creatures are now immune to status effects.
  • Enemy type Dökkálfar now has vacuum protection.
  • Uncast enemy type now has vacuum protection.
  • Explosive Final Runes damage increased by 100.
  • Mjolnir Power rune damage increased by 100.
  • Storm Chaser rune damage increased by 100.
  • Baldr's Blade Whirlwind range reduced by 100.
  • Lumberyard now produces 20% more materials.
  • The farm now produces 20% more materials.

Quality of life changes

Shop V2

  • We've redone the layout of the store and how items, old and new, are made available to players.
  • Specifically, the store categories and their content have changed:
  • First, based on your feedback, we've separated purely cosmetic items from gameplay-impacting items, such as runes, recipes, tools, and…
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