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Find our trick to quickly validate the challenge "Find a Stark transport truck", in order to recover the outfit of the superhero Wolverine. As for seasons 2 and 3 of Fortnite, a skin of a superhero can be obtained via the Battle Pass, by completing a special challenge each week. For this fourth season, players will be able to get their hands on the wolverine outfit, as well as a variant. To do this, you will have to pass the challenge asking you to find a stark transport truck.

Where to find the Stark truck in Fortnite?

You must suspect it, stark transport trucks do not run the streets in Fortnite, it would seem that there is only one on the map. To find it, and therefore validate this challenge in order to leave with the outfit of Wolverine, you will have to take the direction of the north of the island, northwest of the Fief of Doom, in a small place referring to Marvel added at the beginning of this month of September.

If you are unable to land directly there, you can build a ramp to get there, or use one of the rifts that surround the place.

Le stark transport truck is clearly visible, and approaching it is enough for the challenge to be validated. We have indicated its location with more precision on the map above.

When the challenge is completed, it will allow you to leave with the MCG planner bearing the image of Wolverine.
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