Find beskar steel in the innards of the Shark

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The challenge "Find beskar steel in the bowels of the Shark" is one of the quests of the fifth season of Fortnite. Find our tips and a map with locations to validate it. The fifth season of Fortnite Chapter 2 is finally available. As always, a battle pass is available, sold for 950 V-bucks, allowing you to recover many cosmetics. To unlock them, you must earn XP, which can be earned by completing several quests, but also to unlock some cosmetic rewards for your characters. One of these challenges will ask you to find beskar steel in the Shark's innards.

Where to find beskar steel in Fortnite?

Le beskar is one of the elements that make up the armor of the Mandalorians. The latter is a very robust alloy, able to withstand blaster fire without difficulty. To find it in Fortnite you will have to, as the title of the challenge announces, go to the Shark, a former place called Fortnite still in place. You will find, at the bottom, an old safe which is open and therefore accessible to all players. 

Enter it and move forward. You will discover the steel beskar. All you have to do is collect it and complete the challenge. If you do not see it appear, it means that you have not reached the necessary level, that is to say level 41 of the Battle Pass. However, you can use our screenshot above to locate the steel beskar.

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