Find the Lost Spray Cans, Lead and Paint Challenge, Season 10

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With the arrival of this new season, new sets of challenges are offered to players. One of them, called Lead and Paint, will ask you, among other things, to find the lost spray cans. This tenth season of Fortnite offers, every Thursday, a new series of challenges to do for the first time in normal and, once finished, in Prestige, granting more rewards. This time around, players with the Battle Pass will be asked to find the lost spray cans.

You will need to get five spray cans, knowing that there are seven scattered on the island. A multitude of choices are therefore available to you. To do this, nothing simpler. As the map below indicates, you can head near Junk Junction where one of them is north of the scrapyard, while another is hidden in the handle of the umbrella located southeast of the Block. It is also possible to go west of Pressure Plant going up the lava river. Going to the east of the island, it is possible to get a spray can south of Lonely Lodge, in the basement of the abandoned mansion, while another is in the landfill south of Paradise Palms. Finally, on the west side of the island, one of them is located at the back of the disco lying northwest of Happy Hamlet, another lags in the mines of Shifty Shafts, and the last one is hidden near a tree at the foot of the frozen waterfall in the Viking village. In order to complete the challenge, just interact with five of the seven lost spray cans.

To make your research easier, we have given you the exact locations of said lost spray cans on the island. If you notice an aerosol coming out of the lot with a luminous effect, it means that a bomb is located a few meters away.

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