Find the mysterious capsule, quest Jungle Tracker (Predator)

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Find our tips for the "Find the mysterious capsule" challenge counting for the special Jungle Stalker quest. You can take advantage of our map with multiple locations to make it happen quickly. In addition to the usual weekly challenges, Epic Games launches, from time to time, special challenges related or not to life events. For the Jungle Stalker quests, no specific reason is mentioned, but the developers want to please their players with new cosmetics. A future partnership is not to be excluded in view of these new challenges, which clearly refer to the "Predator" horrific creature visible in several films. One of these challenges will require you to find the mysterious capsule.

Where to find the mysterious capsule in Fortnite?

This mystery pod appeared in Fortnite following the 15.20 update released on January 13. Here, the players will have to go in search of it to validate the challenge and collect the reward. 

You will have to take the direction of the north of the island and more precisely Stealthy Stronghold, a place named on the map which made its arrival at the beginning of this season 5. In the northwestern part of the city, at the inside the walls you will find a capsules, which recently crashed. Approach it to validate the challenge and leave with the banner. Be careful, many players may be around to validate the challenge, do not hesitate to arm yourself to defend yourself.

To know what the capsule looks like, you can use the header image. To locate it more easily, we have indicated its position on our map below.

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