Finding Shadow Shelters, Brutus Briefing Mission, Week 2

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The Brutus Briefing mission, week 2 is available since Thursday, February 27. One of the challenges will ask players to find Shadow Shelters. The second week of challenges is finally available on Fortnite with the Brutus Briefing mission, week 2. Relatively easy, some challenges are nevertheless more complicated, like the one asking you to find shelter in the shade.

Where are the shadow shelters in Fortnite?

The shade shelter are not very numerous on the island of Fortnite, but we can still find them in all four corners of the map, although most are in the north. It should also be noted that the latter bear names, directly inspired by the phonetic alphabet of NATO. To access these shelters you have to either borrow a toilet or a dumpster, but it seems that for only one of them no passage is necessary to access it.

Since we can count five of them, we therefore find the shelters following :
  • Alpha Shelter in Pleasant Park.
  • Vault Beta east of Frenzy Farm.
  • Shelter Charlie east of Craggy Cliffs.
  • Shelter Delta, on the island to the north between Misty Meadows and Lazy Lake.
  • Echo Shelter to the west, between Holly Hedges and Sweaty Sands.
You will find the exact location of these shelters on the map below.

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