Flexispot 63″ Ergonomic Gaming Desk Review: Game Ready

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A good gaming desk can go a long way to improving any gaming session. There are a ton of options out there, but the Flexispot 63-inch Ergonomic Gaming Desk is a good option to consider. It's roomy, sturdy, and has a few options that might make it stand out in a cluttered $229,99 field.

I've been using the Ergonomic Gaming Desk for a few weeks now, and it's definitely an upgrade from my old Ikea desk – which, to be honest, wasn't a desk designed for gaming. Anyway, I enjoyed my time with this particular Flexispot model.

Flexispot 63″ Ergonomic Gaming Desk Review: Game Ready

The desk measures 63″ wide by 28,7″ deep. As one of the company's height-adjustable variants, it can be adjusted to three different heights: 27,6″, 29,5″, and 31,5″. Unlike the 55-inch electric height-adjustable desk, this one doesn't use motors to change your chosen settings. Instead, you select a height during assembly and use bolts to hold it there.

I used a tape measure on my old desk, then used that measurement to test the height while sitting in my office chair before selecting an option. Granted, such a method is a bit cumbersome and not the most efficient way to do things, but it's also really nice to have the three different options in the first place.

Resetting the height is relatively easy - just move the bolts - although you have to flip the desk over on top to readjust it, removing all your gear if you change your mind later.
And while most of the assembly of the desk can easily be done by one person, you'll definitely need another person to help you attach the crosspiece to the legs.

The black metal legs, legs, cross beam, and center beam are sturdy and well made, and the desk comes with four plastic glides to prevent the desk from sliding on wood or laminate. This all assembles into a single unit before being attached to the desk itself with screws.

The desk has a nice smooth black finish that doesn't seem to be easily scratched, although I didn't try on purpose for obvious reasons. The back of the desk does, however, have a thin, albeit long, white stripe, so be aware of this as both sides have the same finish.

The desk also comes with some nice quality of life features: a plastic cup holder, a plastic headphone hook, and a fiber cable management net. All these elements are fixed under the desk and can be placed on either side. Just like adjusting the height, make sure you know which side you want to attach them to. They can be removed after assembly, but that can be a bit of a pain.

Since cable management is one of the desk's biggest selling points, the netting needs special attention. It's made of black netting held together by a type of bungee cord that allows it to stretch over one side of the desk (note: the manual I received showed the netting on one side of the desk or another, although another online manual shows the net running across the desktop, which I haven't tried).

Getting the net to the intended attachment points on one side is a bit of a hassle as the net quickly creates tension when stretched, but once attached it does a good job of winding up your cables if your computer is on the same side of the net. Otherwise, you'll have some hanging under the desk and need to add extra support for your cables, which isn't included.

The desk also has two holes and grommets on each side for easy cable management. The eyelets themselves have movable flaps which can be closed when not in use. These also help hold down the fully covered mouse pad that comes with the desk.

Made of "3mm thick silicone material in [a] microfiber cloth surface with strong stitch edges", the mouse pad performs well. Its black design with red lines and Flexispot branding (which I could do without) scream "video games"; I think HyperX's Fury S Pro is a little sleeker, but this one will probably go great with your other gaming peripherals, especially if you have an RGB setup.

It's also a bit faster (smoother) than my Logitech G Powerplay mat, but its smoothness can be easily overcome with some DPI tweaks to most mice you use. All things being equal, it's quite nice to have an all-over cushion that covers the entire desk so that even if you use another cushion, you'll have a smooth surface to land on.

It also helps that the pad is waterproof and will immediately drain any spills in a puddle. I dropped some water on the pad to test it, and it sat in one spot for over an hour before wiping it off. The only slight issue I have with the pad is that it only attaches to the desk at the cable management holes in the back and can ripple along the edges making it look less than ideal unless flattened by something heavy.

Two weeks of use, and the pad still hasn't flattened along the back or on the left and right front corners. Good thing (if you mind) the cushion can be removed and the desktop surface is a good alternative.

Pet hair also shows up easily on the mouse pad, as you can see.

The main point of frustration with this Flexispot model (and, to be clear, I haven't tested or used any of their other desks) is that the manual is confusing and the parts bags aren't labeled properly. Instead of just going to the right set of bolts based on the BOM on the bags, I had to identify them based on their design and size. Sure, it's not a big deal, but many other manufacturers have figured this out, so it's an easy quality-of-life fix that I hope to see realized in the future.

To make things a little more vexing, some of the instructions call for the use of specific bolts, but they don't match where they're supposed to go. There have been two times where I had to deduce that another set of bolts went to a specific location based on just trial and error. Again, not a monumental con. Just something that would make assembly much easier.

That said, disassembly is easy. I had assembled the whole desk before realizing that one of the legs was not properly attached. Taking almost everything apart, tightening the leg bolts, and reassembling the entire desk — including the included cup holder, headphone hook, and cable management net — took only about 15 minutes.

Flexispot 63″ Ergonomic Gaming Desk Review – Conclusion


  • Very sturdy and can support 176 lbs.
  • Large surface area perfect for a multi-monitor setup
  • Waterproof, full-surface mouse pad
  • Helmet hook and cup holder
  • Comfortable desk

The inconvenients

  • Assembly instructions may not be clear
  • The mouse pad may crease, bend at the edges
  • Cable management net could be bigger

Overall, this Flexispot model is sturdy and accommodating. The desk doesn't wobble, and I can easily fit a 24-inch and 27-inch monitor, full-size keyboard, mouse, Xbox Elite controller, and my computer tower on the desk comfortably—and with room. to resell.

The full-featured desk mouse pad feels great to the touch, and because it's removable, gives you the choice of hard and soft surfaces, should you choose to remove it. Its leak-proof design also ensures that spills are contained. It's comfortable for hours playing games or doing office work, and while the screws on the bottom may scratch your legs or clothes, you can swap them out for new ones if that's the case.

While I wish the mouse pad had a few extra connection points to iron out some of the literal wrinkles it has from shipping, and I wish the manual was a little clearer, it's hard not to recommend this desktop as a good mid-range option at $229,99. If you want to create your own desk, which includes a number of accessories for an additional fee, such as mounting brackets, cable spines, and even a smart bike trainer, head here.

[Note: Flexispot provided the desk used for this review.]

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