Fortnite: Alien Relics, where to find them? Season 7

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Find the location of all alien relics hidden on the Fortnite map for Chapter 7 Season 2 to get the Kymera skin variants. In recent seasons, except season 6, players from Fortnite could search the battle royale map for hidden XP coins of different colors to earn Battle Pass experience for free and with little or no effort. For this season 7, Epic Games has relaunched something similar, with the difference that here you have to look for alien relics. In particular, they allow you to unlock styles for the kymera skin, which is obtained at level 1 of the Battle Pass, i.e. upon purchase.

Fortnite S7 Alien Relics Locations and Maps

Every week, normally, Epic Games will scatter all over the battle royale map several alien relics, which will need to be retrieved. These objects can be spotted from quite a distance and take the form of a purple capsule. Know that a capsule contains four relics, which is rather a good thing. So that you do not waste time in your research, we list them below, on our maps.

Week 10

Week 9 

Week 8 

Week 7

Week 6

Week 5

Week 4

Week 3

Week 2

Week 1

How to recover the alien relics?

Like XP Coins, these relics are very easy to recover, since you just have to pass over them. No further action is required on your part. Once your game is over, you can use them in the lobby to unlock Kymera's variants. Just go to the “Customize Kyméra” tab and choose what you want. But be careful, choose well.

Note that if you do not collect all the alien relics a week, for whatever reason, that's not a big deal, since they don't seem to go away from week to week. You can therefore recover them later, when the mood takes you.

Of course, this article will be updated weekly, or as needed, so you can always know where the latest alien relics are to be collected.
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