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The update deployed on Fortnite servers on August 27 added, among other things, an event in collaboration with Gearbox, Borderlands 3 development studio. As a result, in addition to a rift located in the desert between Paradise Palms and Fatal Fields, a series of challenges are available, in order to collect various rewards. Borderlands 3, a title developed by Gearbox and exclusive to the Epic Games Store for a period of six months, has partnered with Fortnite. Because of this, several elements of the cooperative RPG are available in the Battle Royale.

The Rift

This last, taking place over much of the southern desert, between Lucky Landing, Paradise Palms and Fatal Fields, will offer several new features. First, the graphics have been revised, to match those present in Borderlands. Secondly, this fault will offer a significant advantage to those who are there, since the shield, represented by the blue bar, will regenerate automatically, without any limit. The only condition is not to have suffered any damage during the last four seconds.

Challenges and rewards

As is often the case with similar events, a series of challenges granting a multitude of rewards is offered to players. This time, you will have until September 10, three short days before the launch of Borderlands 3 to complete the 6 challenges below. You will be able to get your hands on a total of 1500 EXP, two Aerosols and a Banner, while completing all of these will award a Coatingt.

Complete each of the 6 challenges to unlock the reward. (6)
  1. Get tickets from chests and from opponents in Pandora. (10)
  2. Eliminate opponents on Pandora. (3)
  3. Search chests on Pandora. (7)
  4. Find Claptrap's missing eye and bring it to him. (2) 
  5. Obtain shield on Pandora. (500)
  6. Examine symbols of the Ark. (3)
Finally, the Sadist Pack is available in the store. This contains the Sadistic Bandit outfit, ClapTrap companion, and Sadistic Axes, for a total of 2 V-Bucks.
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