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To celebrate the holiday season, Epic Games is organizing an event called 14 Days of Fortnite during which players will have the opportunity to obtain various rewards, but also to re(discover) different temporary game modes. Announced alongside the 7.10 update, Fortnite's 14 Days event allows players to have even more unique and exclusive items in their inventory through a series of challenges. Indeed, for the next two weeks, a challenge will be revealed every day and once validated, players will receive their reward for free. In addition to these freebies, Epic Games will add daily temporary modes already known or new in rotation every day, except for the large team modes which will remain active for 2 days.

Like the challenges offered every Thursday, some of them will be simple to complete while others will require a little more concentration. In order to help you validate them as quickly as possible, we offer some tips.

Day 1 

Launch or join a creative mode server
Nothing could be simpler, instead of choosing a temporary mode or going solo/duo/squad, just click on Creative Mode and go to your island.

Day 2 

Visit the giant candy canes 
To complete this challenge, we've listed four locations where you're sure to see a giant candy cane. 

Day 3 

Party with a friend 
As simple as for the first day, the players will have to leave in duo or in squad and this, three times to validate the challenge of this third day.

Day 4 

Hit a player with a snowball in multiple games
After recovering the snowball at the end of the third day challenge, you will have to use it to throw them at the players in 4 games. 

Day 5 

Fly through the Golden Rings aboard an X-4 Stormwing
In the same way as for the flaming circles, the players will have to pass the golden rings, but on board a plane. You can find several locations on our article dedicated to this challenge. 

Day 6 

Search goose nests at the water's edge
Players will have to search 6 goose nests located all over the water's edge. You can find several locations on our article dedicated to this challenge.

Day 7 

Use boogie-woogie bombs and freebies 
Merry Christmas to everyone ! On December 25, players will need to use boogie-woogies and gifts 7 times to get the reward of the day! As a reminder, Gifts is a new item containing several weapons and items.

Nothing like a new friend for the holidays. Complete your new challenges and earn the Gingerbread Pet today!

— Fortnite (@FortniteGame) December 25, 2018

Day 8 

Damage opponents with different weapons
Players will simply have to damage opponents with 8 different weapons in order to obtain the reward of the day. Please note that due to a technical problem, the Holly La La emote will only be given at the beginning of the year. 

Day 9 

Dancing in front of different Christmas trees
Players will have to find 9 different fir trees and dance in front of them. You can find several locations on our article dedicated to this challenge.

Day 10 

Do tricks in a vehicle at different named locations
To complete this challenge, you will need to find one of the land vehicles (supermarket cart, all-terrain cart or quad) before heading to one of the places known as visible on the map. To find these famous areas, simply open your map and locate the names displayed (Tilted Towers, Risky Reels, Fatal Fields and much more) on the latter, in order to perform a figure such as a cabriole, being careful to land on your four wheels, ten times in ten different places. You will then win a graffiti representing a Christmas Aquilon.

Day 11

Thank the bus driver in several parts
To complete this challenge, players will simply have to thank the driver in eleven different games, while on the bus. To do this, just press the button assigned to the emotes before jumping in freefall and make sure to finish the game, otherwise the action will not be taken into account. A Glacial Pickaxe will be offered to those who complete this challenge. 


Day 12 

Destroy snowflake decorations
As you have most certainly seen, many decorations in the form of snowflakes have appeared on the houses. You will have to destroy 12 of them to get the reward of the day. You can find several locations on our article dedicated to this challenge.

Day 13 

Placing Devices on a Creative Mode Island
For this penultimate challenge, players will need to place 13 devices on a Creative mode island. If you don't necessarily know how to do it, you can find the explanations in our article dedicated to this challenge.

Day 14

Search Chests
Last challenge of this event! Players will simply need to open 14 chests in order to obtain the reward of the day. 

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