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Epic Games is chaining special events for its Battle Royale, Fortnite. Thus, it is possible until June 17 next to participate in the ephemeral game mode Horde Assault in order to win a total of 4100 experience points, as well as a dedicated change screen and a coating. Similar to the events that unfolded in previous seasons, players can complete various challenges in a time-limited game mode. The latter thus have a list of seven challenges to be validated before Monday, June 17 at 14 p.m. These challenges are, of course, accessible free of charge for all players, without the obligation to be a Battle Pass holder.

Each time a challenge is validated, the player will pocket 500 experience points, except for the challenge with four stages which will allow to obtain a total of 1100. In addition, when the 7 challenges of the event will be achieved, the player will be able to obtain the Demon coating as a reward. These various rewards will allow players to level up. In addition, players will be able to request group help by clicking on the desired challenge. By choosing this option, 鈥渕embers of your group can help you accomplish this action. 禄


  • complete each of the 7 challenges to earn the reward (7) - Demon Coating.


  • Eliminate members of the horde with headshots (500) - Loading screen Fight to the end.
  • Eliminate Poison Fiends or Explosive Brutes from at least 5m away (20) - 500 XP.
  • Get score multipliers (10) - 500 XP.
  • Deal damage to spawning obelisks (5) - 000 XP.
  • Kill Golden Brutes with your Platoon (5) - 500 XP.
  • Win a game without being eliminated (1) - 500 XP.
  • Stage 1: Win with a team score of at least 50 (000) - 50 XP.
  • Stage 2: Win with a team score of at least 100 (000) - 100 XP.
  • Stage 3: Win with a team score of at least 150 (000) - 150 XP.
  • Stage 4: Win with a team score of at least 200 (000) - 200 XP.
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