Fortnite: All the challenges and rewards of the Urban Spree event

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With the advent of the collaboration between Epic Games and Jordan, exclusive content is offered to players. The American giant therefore detailed this before the start of the festivities. Fortnite players are spoiled lately! While Epic Games recently teamed up again with Marvel Entertainment to set up a promotional event alongside the release of the latest Avengers movie, Endgame, the company behind the well-known game engine Unreal Engine has also linked up with Lionsgate for an event dedicated to the third installment in the John Wick film series. Now the fathers of Fortnite have left the cinematic universe to collaborate with Nike brand Air Jordan, symbolized by the iconic logo, Jumpman.

Players are therefore all cordially invited to take part in a temporary mode called “Urban Spree”, designed by Creative mode artists NotNellaf and Tollmolia in partnership with Jordan. It is thus possible, once equipped with its most beautiful pair of Nike Air Jordan, to Run through a handcrafted Brooklyn-inspired urban environment where you'll be asked to run, jump in style, and also slide through the streets to collect as many coins as possible, as briefly shown in the trailer available in the header! 

The Urban Dunk pack, consisting of the Skillful and Graceful outfits, available for 1800 V-bucks, not to mention the challenge pack unique to this set, is available for the occasion. Free Challenges to unlock the Skateboard Back Bling, along with its nine variants, are available for twelve days. For owners of the Urban Dunk pack, they can complete additional challenges to unlock additional styles for the Skillful and Graceful outfits, and four unique spray cans.

Completion Rewards

  • complete 1 of the challenges to win the reward (1) - Sakte plank
  • complete each of the 13 challenges to earn the reward (13) - Skateboard (Sweat)

Free Challenges

Day 1

  • Change the color of 1000 squares (1000) - Skateboard (Rex)
  • Dance or emote between two food trucks (1) - Skillful Mask Aerosol

Day 2

  • Find Jonesy hidden behind a fence (1) - Flying Banana Aerosol
  • Obtain a basketball, a coin and a shoe in a single match (3) - Skateboard (Gobble)

Day 3

  • Find Jonesy in the Sewers (1) - Aerosol Top of the Top
  • Search the letters ONFIRE (6) - Skateboard (Cuddles)

Day 4

  • Find Jonesy near the basketball court, near the rooftops, and in a truck trailer (3) - Skateboard (Banana)
  • Exceed 30 Speed ​​on both Acceleration Traps (2) - Aerosol Slam dunk

Day 5

  • Successfully complete one of the feint jumps on the crane, sky train and fence (1) - Skateboard (Kevin)

Day 6

  • Cross the 6 flaming circles (6) - Skateboard (Poiscalle)

Day 7

  • Find 2 hidden shortcuts (2) - Skateboard (Nomad)

Day 8

  • Dance or emote on the basketball court (1) - Skateboard (Disco)

Day 9

  • Use an aerosol on an ice cream truck (1) - Skateboard (Yummy)
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