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For this season 9, players who have chosen to acquire the Battle Pass will have to decipher a mystery image, but for that, they will have to find the 100 chips by completing challenges. In addition to the various modifications made to the island and the new skins offered, the developers of Fortnite have implemented a whole new type of challenges. Sure enough, when players go to the Challenges tab, they will be able to discover the Decryption event, but only if they have purchased the Battle Pass of season 9. Battle pass, which as a reminder, is offered in the store for 950 V-Bucks, or 9,49 euros.

Once players find the 100 decryption chips that make up the image, they can earn rewards and unlock the full potential of the Season 9 Battle Pass. to recover one of the 100 chips, it will obviously be necessary to accomplish many challenges, which you can find below. Besides, the developers have informed that this Thursday, for the arrival of Season 9, 18 decryption chips can be obtained, but thereafter at least one new chip will be unlocked every day at 15 p.m.

Note that decryption chips can no longer be obtained after the end of season 9, which as a reminder will end on August 1st. 

The challenges of finding the fleas

#01 Earn 175 EXP
#02 Search the hidden location on the Week 6 loading screen
#03 Use the Skull Trooper emote at the western end of the map
#04 Freefall through the rings above Loot Lake with the Plasma Contrail
#05 Use the Tranquil Emote inside a Dance Club
#06 Use the Han Emote! at an ice cream parlor in the desert
#07 Use the Hug emoticon inside a stone umbrella
#08 Search at Junk Junction
#09 Complete 6 Week 5 Challenges
#10 Earn 60 EXP
#11 Search below the parrot that flies in circles
#12 Use the Banana nana spray inside a molten tunnel
#13 Search the hidden location on the Week 2 loading screen
#14 Search on a motorhome area
#15 Complete 6 Week 9 Challenges
#16 Search in a desert house full of chairs
#17 Search in a wooden fish building
#18 Search somewhere between Mega Mall and Dusty Divot
#19 Search with the Vega outfit in a spaceship building
#20 Search the center of any of the first three storm circles
#21 Search in a metal llama building
#22 Use the Rox Aerosol in an underground passage
#23 Search between an RV pad, a gas station, and a monstrous footprint
#24 Search Fatal Fields
#25 Reach Tier 40 of the Battle Pass
#26 Search with the Bunker Jonesy outfit near a snowy bunker
#27 Search somewhere within the A4 square of the map
#28 Solve the matching shapes riddle outside a desert junkyard
#29 Search under the tree in the Nutcracker cabin
#30 Search somewhere between Haunted Hills and Pleasant Park
#31 Look up at a viewpoint over a meteorite crater
#32 Search while carrying Kyo Companion on your back at the northern end of the map
#33 Search Hidden Location on Loading Screen #10
#34 Search between a fork and a knife
#35 Earn 225 EXP
#36 Search with Sentinel on an icy island
#37 Search inside a disaster bunker in Pleasant Park
#38 Search with the Vendetta outfit on the northernmost aerial platform
#39 Complete 6 Week 2 Challenges
#40 Search with the Meta outfit on a sundial in the desert
#41 Use the Mr Tomato emoticon inside the Durrr Burger restaurant
#42 Complete 6 Week 3 Challenges
#43 Wear Banana Cape Back Bling inside a Banana Stand
#44 Reach Tier 20 of the Battle Pass
#45 Complete all Season 9 Weekly Challenges
#46 Reach Tier 100 of the Battle Pass
#47 Search between a recovery van, a pirate camp and a crashed bus
#48 Use the Vox Pickaxe to hit a garden gnome next to a mountaintop throne
#49 Search the Trog Ice Cave
#50 Search by night in a ruined castle on top of a mountain
#51 Use the Chicken Parade to cross the road in front of the Banana Stand
#52 Use the Robot Aerosol inside a robot factory 
#53 Help raise the disco ball in an abandoned mountain villain's lair
#54 Complete 6 Week 4 Challenges
#55 Search Haunted Hills
#56 Complete 6 Week 10 Challenges
#57 Finish 25 times in the top 10 in Solo, Duo or Squad
#58 Use the Sad Paperclip emote at the north end of Snobby Shores
#59 Use the Durrr Emoticon! inside the Pizza Pit restaurant
#60 Use the Sign emote in front of the little pig's restaurant in Happy Hamlet
#61 Use the Solaire aerosol on an icefall
#62 Search with the Stratus outfit inside an abandoned mansion
#63 Search somewhere between Lucky Landing and Fatal Fields
#64 Search with Rox on top of aerobatic mount
#65 Search in a B movie set in the basement
#66 Finish 75 times in the top 10 in Solo, Duo or Squad
#67 Traverse the rings under the southernmost aerial platform with the Riposteur glider
#68 Search in the bookstore of a snowy town
#69 Search inside a stone pig
#70 Freefall through the rings above Lazy Lagoon with the Multicolored Contrail
#71 Complete 6 Week 1 Challenges
#72 Search in Salty Springs
#73 Complete 6 Week 6 Challenges
#74 Search in a chest of drawers in an assassin's basement on the desert coast
#75 Search in an airport hangar
#76 Search behind a historic diorama in an insurance building No Sweat
#77 Search in a taco restaurant near a train track
#78 Search in a lookout tower overlooking a dry lake
#79 Search in an arcade
#80 Use the Derailleur pickaxe to destroy the rock at the top of the volcano's crater rim
#81 Search in broad daylight near a cactus formation on top of a mountain
#82 Solve the riddle of the plates to be driven in northwest of the Block
#83 Search in a rock garden near the coast
#84 Reach Tier 60 of the Battle Pass
#85 Earn 30 EXP
#86 Complete 6 Week 8 Challenges
#87 Finish 50 times in the top 10 in Solo, Duo or Squad
#88 Search somewhere in square J3 of the map
#89 Traverse the rings east of Snobby Shores with the Scarlet Aggressor glider
#90 Finish 100 times in the top 10 in Solo, Duo or Squad
#91 Search Hidden Location on Loading Screen #4
#92 Use the Stone Couple aerosol near a lava waterfall
#93 Complete 6 Week 7 Challenges
#94 Use the Scarlet Scythe pickaxe to destroy a blue canoe under a frozen lake
#95 Search a field of solar panels in the jungle
#96 Reach Tier 80 of the Battle Pass
#97 Search Hidden Location on Loading Screen #8
#98 Search in a Viking longhouse
#99 Earn 125 EXP
#100 Search the top floor of the tallest building in Neo Tilted
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