Fortnite: Eat Candy, Nightmare Challenge

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Epic Games offers new challenges with the nightmare event (Fortnitemares), including one asking you to eat candies. As you will have noticed following the release of update 14.40 of Fortnite, new challenges have appeared with the Fortnitemares event, Frenchified in Fortnite: Nightmares. Although not difficult, since they are essentially new things, you may not know exactly what to do to validate them. Do not panic, we explain everything to you. Here, we will explain how to validate the challenge asking you to Eat some candies.

Eating Candy in Fortnite

The candy are not very difficult to find in Fortnite. They are in most cities, in large quantities. To find some for sure, we recommend Lazy Lake or Salty Springs. You will find there, especially near the doors, many fools filled with candy, or pumpkins. You just have to approach them, break these containers and press the appropriate key to eat them.

You will have to consume 25 for the challenge to be validated, which could require several games, since these treats are currently very popular. 

Note that sweets can, like food, give you some bonuses, such as better speed, but also heat vision.

We have indicated on the map below several locations where sweets can be found.

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