Fortnite: Foreshadowing Alien Quests, Warning Signs Challenges

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Find all the Fortnite Foreshadowing quests and our tips to complete them faster. The aliens are coming. A new set of challenges is available in Fortnite, making it possible to bring about the transition to season 7 of the battle royale, but also to offer great rewards to players. With the quests warning signs, players will be required to perform certain actions, which seem to be related to an imminent alien arrival. These new challenges appeared on May 25 and new ones will probably be available in the coming days.

Foreshadowing alien quests in Fortnite

These challenges are more complicated than some we've seen landed in recent weeks. That's why we've got you covered with some help below, so you don't waste time searching. As we have already told you, it is likely that these challenges will have a link with the future of battle royale and in particular season 7, which will arrive at the beginning of June.

In total, there are five challenges that can be completed by players, allowing them to unlock experience (24 per successful challenge), which is never negligible to gain levels in the Battle Pass. Here are the challenges to validate (click on them to be redirected to a more complete guide).
  • Repair damaged telescopes (5)
  • Examine the black helicopter that crashed (1)
  • Place warning signs on crop circles (5)
  • Use amateur radio (5)
  • Destroy disturbing televisions (5)
You can find all the other Fortnite Season 6 challenges directly in this special guide.
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