Fortnite: Ice Machine Locations (Season 8)

Find a map with the location of all the ice machines in Fortnite (season 8), so you don't waste time finding them. With the new season of Fortnite, many changes have taken place, with the appearance, in particular, of cubes and monsters following the destruction of the mothership. The monsters are the new major threat of this season and are merciless towards the players, but still allow us to recover some resources and weapons by defeating them. However, if there is one thing that has not changed, it is the ice makers, which allow you to collect fish to gain VPs.

Where to search ice machines in Fortnite?

During this season 8, these ice makers will be very useful, in particular to validate a challenge of the map to be filled in Gosier, since this one will ask you to search an ice machine. If we come across them often, it is difficult to remember where they are exactly. If this is your case, we have indicated most of these machines on our map, so that you do not waste time looking for them.

Not surprisingly, we find a gaggle of them at Believer Beach, which is close to the sea, but also at Mistry Meadows. This is where you will find the most in the same area. However, if you want to validate your challenge according to the trajectory of the combat bus or avoid a place with people, you can always opt for the ice makers present at the Orchard, to its north, at the Viking Ship or at Weeping Woods. In short, you will have a choice.

As for Believer Beach, where we find the most, six are present in the area: 
  • In the restaurant on the pontoon.
  • In the middle of the pontoon.
  • Next to the pool on the beach.
  • In the first three hotels, east of town.
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