Fortnite: Klombaies, where to find them and what are they for?

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The klombaies are new collectibles, which have recently been implemented. Having two uses, we detail everything about them. Following the 19.10 update, implemented on January 18 on the servers of Fortnite, players were able to discover the Klombos, imposing new animals. Related to this addition we find the klombaies, collectibles with several uses for players. In addition to saving you life, these small blue berries are used to sympathize with these Klombos.

Where to find klombaies in Fortnite?

These berries are therefore very interesting. First, they allow you to regain HP or shield, a very good thing therefore, not to face an opponent while being weakened. The second thing is that these berries will be very useful for the Klombos, who love them and will give you more or less rare items in exchange. Note that you have to throw at least two klombaies at them for them to give items. More information about the Klombos here.

Fact, the klombaies will quickly become popular with players. We find them everywhere on the battle royale map, only in green spaces. That is to say, the klombaies do not spawn in the southern part of the island (desert) and in the northwestern part, where the snow is still present. Thus, you will be able to find bays between Greasy Grove and the Daily Bugle, passing by Bourg-Jonesy and Tilted Towers. The greenery being present, you should have no trouble getting your hands on klombaies.

Don't hesitate to pick them up, even if you don't intend to visit a Klombos, to use them in case of first need care, if you don't have any care on you.
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