Fortnite: List of Notable Locations

Find in this article a non-exhaustive list of notable places present in Fortnite. Like every Thursday, a new series of challenges is available on Fortnite in order to gain more experience to progress in the famous Battle Pass, which offers a multitude of cosmetics, dear to battle royale players. 

Notable places in Fortnite

To recall, a notable place is different from a locality. They are not necessarily visible on the map, and often represent something special, such as a statue, a particular structure, a bridge, etc.

For some challenges you will be asked to visit them, without any other particular action, while for others, you will have to, for example, search chests. This is the case for the one in the Adventure of Skye week 8 mission. You will have to search a total of 10 chests to complete the challenge. However, not all of them are nearby, and will therefore ask you to travel a minimum. In order not to waste time, we advise you to go in rat race to complete the challenge.

You can find below a map listing most of the notable places Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2, so you don't waste time searching.

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