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Find the location of the six guardians of Fortnite, the new bosses arrived with the launch of season 6 of the battle royale. Season 6 of Fortnite brought its share of new features, as always. Among them we find in particular wild animals, which will allow you to harvest certain resources, but can also be tamed. However, players were able to discover new bosses, six to be precise.

Location of bosses (guardians) in Fortnite

As you can see, following the slight map change, a tower has appeared at Arrow. This one is in the center of the map and seems to be more or less connected with six others across the island, in the more primitive region, marked with an orange color on the map and in game. Each of these towers is accompanied by a guardian, which when defeated drops some nice loot.

Here is their location: 
  • guardian of the sea → can be found northeast of Pleasant Park
  • guardian of the fields → can be found northeast of Colossal Crops
  • Guardian of the mountain → can be found northwest of Retail Row
  • Guardian of the lake → can be found on the island north of Misty Meadows
  • guardian of the woods → is located in Weeping Woods
  • Bay Guardian → is located in Sweaty Sands
These six guards are important if you want to collect the Arrow's jump boots (more info here).

However, these are not the only bosses of this season 6, since we find five others, spread all over the island:
  • Spire Assassin → at the Arrow
  • Predatory → at Coral Castle
  • Zenith → at Mount Kay
  • Jackyll → à Steamy Stacks
  • Blackheart → to the Viking Vessel
If the last four are ordinary NPCs, who will however leave you a nice loot if you defeat them, Spire Assassin, will allow you to obtain a mythical weapon.

You can find the location of the guards (red) and other bosses (yellow) below. For the location of all NPCs, a map is available here.

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